Day at the Museum

It was Gide's first museum experience! yeah! Alive Museum!! HAHAHA .. definitely not your educative typical kind of museum, .. according to the website, it's a Korea’s original and biggest chain of Illusionary Entertainment Museum. if I may say the more suitable word is Alive Room rather than museum!! kalo museum tuh konotasinya pasti serius yak! eniho mau dibawa kemana - mana juga anaknya belom ngerti apa - apa! ini mah kerjaan emak bapaknya ajah! alesan pake bilang pengalaman Gide ke museum! HOHOHO .. 

honestly speaking, I don't have any interest to go this place ... don't ask why! ga pengen aja!! apparently my in laws came to visit us and we took this opportunity to show them around as well and decided to go this attraction .. and I was why not?! a good time for family bonding, .. to add on for mommy to get out of the house! HAHAHA ..

I know that I was so last year talking and posting about this museum which I guess majority of the people in Singapore, even in Indonesia, or maybe even yourself have been here! yaudah lah ya! some of you might confuse whether Alive Museum as the same as Trick Eye Museum, .. and the answer to your question is same - same lah!! basically both of them are using art technique that creates the two-dimensional paintings looks like three-dimensional image. the difference of those two places is only the location. Alive Museum is located at Suntec City Mall and Trick Eye Museum is located at Resort World Sentosa .. we chose to go to Alive Museum was simply because we wanted to eat the yong tao foo ampang at suntec food court first! HAHAHA .. yeah! food is always a good reason for everything!! HOHOHO ..

back to the museum trip! all you need is your camera! and not to forget to give your best pose! last but not least, have fun!!! ga usah pake sok malu - malu atau jaim - jaim ke sini! rugi!! kecuali dibayarin yak! HAHAHA .. gw saranin kalo misalnya lagi pedekate terus yang masih model shy shy cat mending jangan ke sini!! nonton bioskop aja udah paling aman! here in this place is for you to release your inner diva! or divo for guys HAHAHA .. 

this place will provide you 'the spot' where you can take your best photos. they even give examples on how you should pose according to the art pieces! challenge up for your creativity! dan lagi - lagi Gide di sini menjadi properti dari kekreativitasan bapak emaknya! sabar ya, nak ;) 

lagi ...

dan lagi ...

HOHOHO .. untung anaknya belom bisa protes!! 
we had fun there! overall it was a good place to visit, but not that spectacular as I was expected! the place was rather small in my opinion and I will rate 2.5 out of 5 for this place. kalo kata orang singapur, so so lah! ;) 

and the best photo of the day goes to ..

 sumpah tengil abis mukanya! bangga loe bang bisa split gitu?! HAHAHAHA 

Alive Museum Singapore
Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4)


  1. hahaha kocak!
    btw di indo juga mulai banyak loh. Terakhir ini malah liat di pop-up market di PIK

    1. hihihi .. setau gw malah di jogja ada trick eye juga katanya .. ga tau bener apa engga ;)

  2. foto yang ada sayapnya keren loh... gide hebat kecil2 uda masuk museum... anak gua mah mall aja jarang hahahaha...

    1. hahaha ini anak kerjanya kelayapan, mel! HAHAHA ... selama ada orang yang bisa nemenin gw menjelajah! hahaha ..

  3. wkwkwkwkw.. gua juga setuju itu best fotonya. hehehehe..manteppp!!!


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