Red Velvet, Latte, and Baby!!

after his first museum visit, it's time for Gide's first cafe visit! nyaw! HOHOHOHO
and I believe there will be more first time here and there with this lil guy .. cheers to mommahood!!

if you're wondering where else this lil guy has been to, .. umh, let me recall it, ... embassy, polyclinic, IKEA, pasar, supermarket, this mall that mall, church, hawker centre sini dan sana ... yup! I guess that's all so far! and this time around is cafe! HAHAHA .. can't wait to bring him overseas and traveling with us! but I guess it won't happen so soon. aku masih suka deg deg syur kalo bawa jalan sendirian!! maklum newbie nih but thank God tinggal di sini bikin gw lumayan pede bawa si gembil naek kendaraan umum kalo misalnya harus ketemu abang di tengah - tengah. anaknya masukkin di carrier, gendong ransel di belakang, .. dorong strollernya juga kalo emang perlu. so far sih survive ya!! hihihi .. if you spot a lady wit so many gembolan, that's me! HAHA

we had our first cafe session with Keke, Priscil, and Roma yesterday! been eying to go this place since it's quite near from our place so I just need to put him in the stroller and of we go!! not to forget the nursing cover as well HOHOHO .. btw, I shared with you earlier that we gave him formula milk due to the supply and demand from the baby and I was quite overwhelmed with my new role, but coming to his second month we stopped the formula and he's back to become full breastfeed baby! 

flashback a little bit, I remembered sharing with my friend about Gide's feeding pattern which was mixed between breast milk and formula and how we limit his formula intake up to two feed maximum a day. instead of getting a support, I got a 'lecture' how important breastfeeding bla bla bla ... I was so shut down that moment! I was like gw tau keleus! cuma ini susunya ga keluar!!!! anak gw nangis - nangis kelaperan!!! I really appreciated the knowledge but at that point of moment all I needed was support. I just wanted to share to all the mom-to-be out there, breast milk is the best thing you can give to your child and I'm pro to breastfeed knowing all the facts and benefits of breastfeeding baby but on the other hand it is not a one day process! look who's talking?!! it needs lots of patience, patience, and patience to go trough this process! ya mungkin gw orang yang kurang cukup sabar buat nungguin badan gw adapt sama situasi yang baru itu kali ya! the bottom line is you know yourself, you know your baby, and you know what's the best for your baby!! diberkatilah ibu - ibu yang ASI-nya berlimpah ruah, yang bisa mompa dan nyetok walopun udah menyusui, tapi ya inget juga ga semua wanita sama. jangan ngerasa down atau terintimidasi kalo ujung - ujungnya si baby musti mix with formula atau even full formula. umh, gimana ya jelasinnya?! motherhood is not a competition, is about an attitude! is about you embracing this journey no matter what happens! I'm not really sure whether you got my point or not .. I'm here not to discourage you but on the other hand to support you! ada satu temen gw sampe pernah post di FB begini kurang lebih, "kesannya dosa besar kalo sampe kasih anak sufor instead of ASI" .. gw bacanya sampe miris loh!

kalo ditanya sekarang gw gimana, puji Tuhan ASI gw cukup buat si Gide. ga kurang ga lebih. cukup! gw juga sempet doa sih ke Tuhan kemaren ini sejak dia mulai full ASI lagi, "Tuhan biarlah ASI aku cukup buat Gide minum, ga perlu pompa - pompa karena sejujurnya aku males mompa!" ... is that making me less mother?! or not a good mother?! obviously no, people!! again, motherhood is about the attitude :)

lah?! ini mau cerita ngafe koq jadi malah curhat dunia persusuan yak?! dasar ibu - ibu!!! HAHAHAHA .. oh well, mungkin ada yang protes kenapa sekarang aku kalo posting berhubungan dengan dunia peremak-emakan terus ya! cannot help it lah! segala sesuatunya berubah sejak ada si gembil cuma satu hal yang ga boleh ilang saat loe jadi emak - emak yaitu diri loe sendiri! apa lagi ini?! mungkin gw bahas laen kali yak!!! mari yuk balik ke acara ngafe!!!

it's W39 Bistro & Bakery btw! the name of the cafe!! they have this offer like two cakes and two drinks for $19 if I was not wrong since I only comot - comot a bit! HAHA .. not a sweet tooth person!! yesterday we tried the red velvet cake which they said was yummy!! again I didn't try it HOHOHO .. I tried the other one, the chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on top. it was just okay for me!! we also tried their homemade crab cake which was another just okay taste for me ... the principle is always the same, eat or no eat important gathering! HAHAHA .. terjemahan terjun bebas dari makan ga makan yang penting ngumpul!!! *dilempar panci* .. it always the companion that matters at the end of the day!!! iya apa iya?!!

.. and since the baby was around, another impromptu photo session with him! HOHOHO ..
kalo kata Keke, "foto kue dengan majalah udah biasa, foto baby sama majalah baru ga biasa!" terserah onti Kekez aja deh ya, De!! HOHOHOHO ..

cheers from Gide, the baby with the magazines ;)

 last but not least, I found a good quote ...
"a confident person enjoys the journey, they do not race for recognition to appraise themselves. they do not worry what others think of them. they do not struggle for affirmation. they know themselves well to be shaken up from the outside"

you can replace the word people to mother tho! teteup ya!! HOHOHO or maybe you're feeling upset now about something in your life or anything! place your confidence and hope correctly! mine is with Him, the creator of this universe!! write to you later, baby is awake ;)

if you're willing to find this hidden gem, ..

 W39 Bistro & Bakery
39 Jalan Mas Puteh, off West Coast Road 
Singapore 128637


  1. kalo lu di rumah terus mah emang ga perlu mompa, mompa juga secukupnya aja buat jaga2 kalo lu sakit atau mau pergi... tapi kalo engga mah ga usah mompa sering2... gua juga kalo ga kerja males banget mompa...

    sebenernya kalo mau jalan2 lebih enak pas seumur gide gini ampe 6 bulan... kan minumnya cuma susu tok, ga ribet... kalo seumur jayden uda ribet musti mikirin makanan... apalagi anaknya ga doyan makanan instant... pergi ke mall aja bawaannya uda segambreng, apalagi keluar kota... makanya gua nungguin anaknya bisa makan nasi... baru pergi jalan2 hahahahaha...

    1. temen gw di rumah juga mompa, mel ... so far aku ga mompa at all nih. ya berdoa supaya ga sakit dan kalo gw pegi anaknya pasti ngikut hohohohoh ;)

      ya beda2 ya stagenya, .. sekarang ya gw hepi2 dengan nursing cover dulu lah yaaaa .. ntar curhatannya beda lagi kalo udah seumur jayden HOHOHO ..

  2. G juga males mompa,..hahaha....
    Eh, w39 deket rumah mu yah? Berarti kita bisa jadi tetangga-an dink...bentar lagi g bkl pindah west sono...

    1. oh ya?!! asik asik asik!! ayo buru pindah!! HAHAHAHA ... kabarin gw kalo udah pindahan ya .. ntar gw berantakin rumah loe ;)


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