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My Pocketful of Sunshine, ...

There's something magical with those eyes! Yes! I knew it!! And that smile too! I can't take my eyes of you! Literally!! I love you, Lil man! And time flies too fast! Our bundle of joy is 3,5 months old already, weighing 7.83kg and 64cm tall ... round it up to 8kg by now I guess! #susumamimengandungsopkambingkfccharkwayteowdannasipadang HOHOHO :D 

When In Doubt, ...


Oh yeah! A little throwback to my cafe session day with the girls before I popped out! I clearly remembered it was a fine Sunday where I managed to drag my big belly to Holland Village. And that's one of the best decisions in my life after receiving Jesus as my savior and married to Raimond! HAHAHA .. Hands up to Sunday Folks!! They have the best waffle I've ever tried in town so far ..

Jengkol Bikin Dongkol

Padang - ayam pop, rendang, ayam bakar, kikil, paru, dendeng balado, .. sambel mau! sayur kalo bisa juga mau yaaa ...
Nah! Kurang lebih begitulah salah satu dari daftar titipan ke orang rumah kalo ada yang mau maen ke sini. Aku kalo bikin daftar titipan emang beneran pake bullet point! Soalnya titipannya banyak!! HOHOHO Eh buset si eneng! Nitip apa mindain rumah makannya sekalian?! Ya nitip lah ya jawabannya, kalo mindain rumah makannya mah ada perkedel, telor, gule ikan, cumi sekalian yak! ga lupa kerupuk kulitnya! HAHAHA ..  

When Life Strikes

My previous post was about my birthday, how it was so delightful .. talking about how blessed I am being able to live my life, how I am changed .. and again life is full of surprises. Yesterday morning when I was breastfeeding Gide, a WhatssApp message came from mom ..
"Gia, Kiki meninggal tadi pagi. 
Barusan dibawa ke rumah sakit tapi di jalan udah ga ada" 

Something About Life

Got no diamond, got no pearl,
Still I think I'm a lucky girl.
I've got the sun in the morning
And the moon at night.
Got no mansion, got no yacht,
Still I'm happy with what I got.
I've got the sun in the morning
And the moon at night

Sunshine gives me a lovely day,
Moonlight gives me the Milky Way.
Got no checkbooks, got no banks,
Still, I'd like to express my thanks.
I've got the sun in the morning
And the moon at night.
And with the sun in the morning
And the moon in the evening
I'm alright.