When In Doubt, ...


Oh yeah! A little throwback to my cafe session day with the girls before I popped out! I clearly remembered it was a fine Sunday where I managed to drag my big belly to Holland Village. And that's one of the best decisions in my life after receiving Jesus as my savior and married to Raimond! HAHAHA .. Hands up to Sunday Folks!! They have the best waffle I've ever tried in town so far ..

What is your criteria for a good waffle?! Mine has to be crunchy crispy outside and soft inside and again, Sunday Folks has it all. Nom Nom Nom!!! According to our guide, Priscil their ice cream is the soft ice cream type so it will melt easily ... 

Here in Sunday Folks you can choose whether you want one waffle or two waffles. We chose two! Obviously!! There were five of us, six with Gide in my tummy and you chose one?! Cannot be what?! HAHAHAHA .. Btw, the girls who sat next to us ordered each for them. Initially, we wanted to order more but thinking to go to another place we managed to control ourselves! HOHOHO ... The next step is to decide what flavour of ice cream and toppings do you want on your waffle, and of course with more toppings come more price! Sounds familiar?! I didn't really remember how much we spent but as far as I remembered it's a bit more expensive compared to other places for a plate of waffle and the place itself is rather small, especially when you're 38 weeks pregnant! HOHOHO .. Definitely will come back to this place again! Juara abis cuy!

Sunday Folks
44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-52 
Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278116
+65 6479 9166 

Still in doubt, ...


Mentakiko what?! Mentaiko mashed potato!!! And Pork Cordon Bleu with mentaiko sauce! Again mentaiko!!! What's make it even yummier?! Share it with your loved ones!! Yes!We had orgasmic feeling in our mouth with this mentaiko mashed potato!! I'm a potato fan for sure, .. throw me fries, wedges, hash brown, baked, mashed .. I'll gulp it! And speaking of mentaiko, who doesn't like it?! So when you combine those two you'll get da' bomb!!!! I repeat, DA BOMB!!!! The best mashed potato I've ever tasted in my life after Chili's and Popeye! HOHOHO 

If you were thinking whether we had all this food on the same day, the answer is yes! HAHAHA .. The preggo need more food! HOHOHO .. From Chip Bee Garden, just do three somersaults and you'll be in at the other side of the famous Holland Village where this Craft Bakery & Cafe located. And the rule is still the same, sharing is caring!! On top of this, we also ordered their key lime cake but I didn't taste it at all. Me and cake are more to hi - bye friend rather than good friend. The pork cordon bleu itself was not so special, only because it has mentaiko sauce that make it a little bit different but the taste is just average. I was one happy preggo that day!!

Craft Bakery & Cafe
Holland Village
24 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277683
+65 6467 7710

Pssst,... our journey didn't stop there! We had Popeye for dinner as they were having promotion on that day! HAHAHAHA .. and it was my last cafe session with the girls before becoming #mamayukero! looking forward to join the girls again, ... yup with Gide also! :D


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