When Life Strikes

My previous post was about my birthday, how it was so delightful .. talking about how blessed I am being able to live my life, how I am changed .. and again life is full of surprises. Yesterday morning when I was breastfeeding Gide, a WhatssApp message came from mom ..

"Gia, Kiki meninggal tadi pagi. 
Barusan dibawa ke rumah sakit tapi di jalan udah ga ada" 

I was trying to recall who is this Kiki, ..

"Kiki itu muridnya Gia ya?
 Yang kena kanker? 
 Umur berapa"

"Iya kanker darah. Umur 5 tahun"

My heart fell into pieces! 5 years old?! Oh come on!!!

Later on in the afternoon, another message came ..

"Habis dari tempat Kiki. Mukanya bengkak jadi besar ga bisa dikenalin.
Dia dapat hadiah dari Kak Gia ya? Dibawa terus kalau ke rumah sakit. 
Dia mau belajar lagi sama Kak Gia kalau Kak Gia pulang"

I cried. My heart hurts. Badly.

Little of you might know that my youngest sister, Gia was conducting some kind like free tutorial classes in our house for the children who live near our neighbourhood before she left to Aussie to continue her study. She gathered those children from the kampung and together with Sarah and Andika too, three of them were having fun teaching and doing lots of stuff with them. Painting, reading, writing .. you name it. My mom said they even brought the children to park nearby to have picnic. And of them is Kiki.

I have no idea how Kiki looks like since I've been away from home from quite sometimes and every time I went back home the class was on 'holiday', not much information about this little boy until my parents shared with us that he got cancer. Then all of sudden this sad news came! As a mother myself I can't imagine how's Kiki's mom feel to lost his little boy. On the other hand while my baby is going to be three months old in two days time, life strikes this little boy in his fifth year of his life! I was like what?! Gosh!! You never know when life will strike you. Life surprises us in different ways! As a human being, Kiki's story is another reminder for us. Hard one!! 

I read this saying; when life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate, when life is bitter say thank you and grow. But what about death?! Who likes death?! I even don't want to talk about it. Again, one day everyone of us will face it.  Can we still say thank you and grow in those sadness and lost? Not easy, but we still can do that. I have lost my loved ones too and even till today sometimes I feel sad remembering about them but life happens. And we who still got the opportunity to live our life, do it right!

The #YOLO could be so cool but think over it again. You Only Live Once. Our live in this world is only temporary. One chance to make it count! But again, how you gonna make it count?! Are you going to make it count for eternity or you just let it go in a blink of an eye. A good friend of mine wrote this when I shared about this story, .. let's not sleep-walk through life or get distracted in running our race. I couldn't agree more with her! Double slaps on my face!! Am I sleep-walking all this time around or I run a good race? Do what you can do. Love more. Care more. Share more. You will not get any poorer by giving to others. In fact, you'll gain more! Lots of issues are happening around us and to be honest as much as I want to help I can't. I'm limited. I will do whatever I can do. Start from little things. Believe that you and I can make changes!! I hope you do the same too and let's make this world a better place to live. Let's give hope to this world.

Another thing that bother me, ...
where this little boy is going? Is he going to heaven? Hows his life after his death?

Something to ponder.