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Ladyironchef who?!
Excuse me, Danielfooddiary what?!

Jiah!! Songong abis!! Padahal kalo mau ngape selalu buka - buka referensi dari sana juga! HAHAHA .. *dikepret kopi sama yang bersangkutan* 

Berawal dari hamil dimana kegiatan yang sifatnya jejingkrakan harus dihentikan sementara dan digantikan dengan ngape - ngape cantik! Yang cantik yang pegi ngape maksudnya! HOHOHO .. Akhirnya berlanjut sampe sekarang, dimana tentunya si Gide ngikut juga! Beda jaman ya emang, kalo dulu mah maminya warteg hopping! Ini si Pardede cafe hopping!! Kekinian kali kau, Nak!! Kita sih banyakan cuma ngikut doank, atau lebih tepatnya Gide yang ngikut doank terus jadi objek poto - poto juga HOHOHO .. 

"Emangnya Gide udah ngafe dimana aja sih?!"
 "Sini Gide ceritain yaaaa ..."


It was one fine Sunday with Aunt Keke and Aunt Clara! Journey to the West yo!! According to Aunt Clara, they also have Miam Miam in Melbourne tapi di sana mehong harganya! HAHAHA .. We tried their famous pasta too! Mommy couldn't remember the name. And yes this two fluffy dessert which Mommy said it tasted like kue bolu! High end kue bolu ya, Mi ;)  

Initially mommy wanted to visit this place when I was still in her tummy but due to the weather on that day she decided to stay at home. Then my Aunt Gladys came!!! With Aunt Milo too! We were lucky enough that they sky was clear during that day! Finally we managed to snap some pictures infront of their famous mural! Yeay!!! Mommy said the food itself was nice! I remembered my aunt and mommy ordered Squid Ink Tagliatelle, Truffle Fries, some cheesy something which I can't remember! and their Berry Ricotta Hotcakes that made me drool! Too bad the haze came back again and the PSI reached almost 200 that day. Mommy and I rushed back home after that! Boo haze boo!!!

Aunt Pricil asked whether we care to join them cafe-ing before FA and since it's not so far from our house Mommy said yes! It was me, mommy, Aunt Pricil, Aunt Roma, Aunt Clara, and Aunt Macecel. This place is famous for the their blue velvet cake! Yaiks! A blue cake!! I prefer this flower pot but Mommy keep holding on it and didn't allow me to taste, ... even licked it! It happen to be mommy decided not to bring the stroller on that day and with some detour here and there I guess I helped mommy to loose one kg! Thanks to me of course! I'm 9.5 kg already! HOHOHO :D Oh btw, Aunt Lea came a lil bit late so she was there like only 5 minutes?! Poor Aunt Lea!! ;)

Aunt Keke and Aunt Lea were hungry! And that's not a good sign!! HAHAHA .. Me and mommy decided to joine them together with Aunt Pricil to Forum Shopping Mall. Lucky we reached there on time coz it was quite crowded on that day and honestly they put to many lamps inside those tiny place. So humid siaaaaa!!! I was a bit cranky over there but I guess because I was sleepy. I slept for about 15 minutes! Power nap mode on! After which, I'm one happy baby again!!! You see those chunky meat on the picture?! It tasted so good! Of course I didn't try it but I believe what my mommy said HOHOHO .. We also tried their Nutella Banana OTT Shake! Umh, I'll show you the picture later! It was another fine sundate with mommy and my fave aunties ;)

Do you see the one who's holding me?! Yup! That's my daddy! Like finally he joined our cafe session!! HAHAHA ... We've been looking forward to visit this cafe since it first appearance on the instagram but too bad it only open on Saturday from 6pm-1am. Oh dear!! But hey since last saturday we didn't have our youth service we decided to go there! My overall experience about that place and the food was bleh! Not as instagramic as it looks! Just wise man said, the companion that matter!! Half of the troops were there!

Oh! I bet daddy and mommy will never ever forget this place! You know why?! Coz I slipped down from my stroller! Literally!! What?!! I'm not joking!! Thank God I'm okay! No bump, no bruise, nothing! Indeed it was a miracle!

They were busy talking when Aunt Keke heard and "eh" sound coming from me! My mom was taking her own sweet time when she suddenly saw the stroller was empty! My dad did the same thing and he had shock of his life when he found me on the floor on my tummy! Goodness!!!!!!  You should see their face that time! And me? I was happily smiling to them!! Daddy and mommy believed it's truly God's protection upon me. But seriously how can I fell down from the stroller and didn't cry at all .. No sound at all too! I believe my guardian angel was there to catch me and put me sound and safe on the floor HAHAHA .. and my "eh" sound it's my way telling my parents like "hello-i'm-here-can-you-pick-me-up" HOHOHOHO ... Lesson learnt, I need to be buckled all the time!! Mommy learnt it hard way! But still God is good!

Yup! Pretty much this is sum up my cafe hopping with mommy and aunties!! Last not least, shout out to Aunt Pricil and Aunt Keke for taking taking me and mommy to this fun cafe hopping journey! And taking tons of photos of me too! HOHOHOHO .. Till my next cafe session!! Btw, you are looking at the future food blogger! ;)

My beloved cafe hopper aunties with the OTT shake ;)


  1. Aku ikutan dong next time, Gid :)

    1. yuk yuk onti ... sama ethan juga yaaaaaa :)

  2. ohh ya ampunnn.. Kalorii berapa ituu?? fufufufu.. *salah fokus*.. Eits, Gide tatapan ke Maminya melelehkan diri ini.. *ciyum ciyum anak ganteng*

    1. hihihihi kalori apa ya?! hhahahahahaahahah .. peluk peluk onti py


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