Sweater Weather Kinda' Day

Why travel around the world? I tell you why ... It gives you lots of adventure and perspective, it helps you to learn and discover more about yourself, last but not least it gives you opportunity to do #OOTD pictures! Oh yeah!! HOHOHO .. Mind my cheesy reason but I think some of you might agree with me. Do I get amen?! Or a hate mail for saying this? Choose your side, people! Anyway, for whatever reason it is, just have fun while you explore the world!
I always like the idea of knit top and sweater ... and that was before I was pregnant! And give birth! And now carrying this chubby chumps everywhere! Now they are stacked neatly at the corner side of the wardrobe! Cannot tahan lah! HAHAHA .. I always remember how abang complain about those knit tops and yup now he do the other way around, always make fun of me asking when will I wear that again?! Haish!!

Finally I got a change to put on all my sweaters during our Melbourne trip! Yippy!! Asked abang to become an instant #instagramhusband to take pictures! Channeling my inner self-proclaim fashionista and it was a fun afternoon with colourful and beautiful walls ..


  1. hehe iya.. karena kita dari negara tropis sih ya.
    gua juga seneng kalo pas musim2 udah dingin dan bisa pake sweater :D

    1. tapi di sana semua dapet ya man :) udah lengkap paketnyaaa .. kalo di sini mau kaos tangan pendek apa kaos kutungan hahaha :)


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