When In Melbourne, ...

Brace the weather! Eat all the good food! Take pictures!
Laugh out loud! Keep the good memories!

Basically all you need to do is embrace the moments! Live it! Enjoy it! 

Melbourne has been ranked by the EIU as the world's most liveable city since 2011 .. and I think I know why! Sok tau aja sih! HOHOHO .. And yup! we just came back from this city ... like 2 months ago!! HAHAHA basi ya bok!! It also known to have one of the best coffee in the world. Sadly we're not a coffee drinker but that's okay coz Melbourne has treated us so well in other way, if you get what I mean HOHOHO :)

It's been a while since our last trip remembering there was new addition in our family ... Again, if you ask me, it's a mixed feeling! Ya kangen sama si pardede tapi seneng juga bisa gandengan sama bapake, .. secara sekarang lebih sering gandengan sama stroller yak! HOHOHO ..We went few days ahead before the conference started to explore this city, .. dan kesimpulannya mau balik lagi ke sana tentunya bareng si Gide, .. hijrah kesana juga kayaknya ga nolak HOHOHO .. Amiiin!

We managed to squeeze in one day tour to The Great Ocean Road right on the next morning after we arrived and baby it's worth it!

Our first destination!

The Great Ocean Road is an Australian National Heritage listed 243 kilometres stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford .. We booked one day tour for this trip, simply because we didn't want to drive!! And it's a good decision after all!! We started the trip in 6.50 am in the morning and only returned by 8.30 pm! That long, people!! Tepos abis nih pantat! Terus emang dasar pelor ya, masuk mobil liat - liat pemandangan .. eh ga lama kreyep - kreyep matanya! HOHOHO ...

Throughout the day, our eyes were spoilt by the all these beauty! The 12 Apostles rocks stack, rainforests, beaches, scenery, resort town, ... you name it! Aku sampe bingung mau masukkin poto yang mana, .. semuanya cakep - cakep! Dipilih - dipilih ...

And those pictures were only the beginning of our Melbourne trip! 

We did visit the Melbourne Museum, took silly poses infront of Luna Park, watched the Summer Moonlight Cinema on its last day with while bracing the sudden climate drop! Oh yeah! Nonton sambil cengengesan sambil kekepan jaket! It was something that I won't forget. We also celebrated Bombie's birthday, recorded silly farewell video for our dearest friend back in Singapore .. We did agree to disagree but at the end of the day we just collecting good memories! 

I guess that's the essence of traveling! Am I right, mate?