... And They Don't Live Happily Ever After

They don't?! Simply because they're not price and princess who live in far far away land inside the beautiful castle. They live in an HDB instead! HAHAHA ..They are two people with different backgrounds, characters, habits, perspectives, ... that united in love! Err, love is not enough. You need more than love to sustain in this marriage life! Yup yup! In fact, that picture at the top was taken after we had a 'cold war' during our walking tour back in Melbourne. Ugly truth! Welcome to the club!

About two weeks ago, we were having lunch with our dear friend when suddenly she compliment us about our marriage life, telling us how she 'admire' how we work on our marriage, how we support each other ... Both me and abang were grinning away and told her that we were having tough discussion for the pas two weeks though I can't clearly remember what was the topic now and we're still putting lots of effort to make things work. 'Till now! We are not faking a happy, care-free, perfect marriage life infront of others to see. We're not trying to put a good show,  it's just as we grow up we learn how to be more mature. Don't expect me to put a 'single' status everytime we have arguments HOHOHO .. or update a facebook status in those mellow mysterious sentences about my feelings. Or delete our photos?! As much as I want to pull his hair which I can't literally and as much as I want to lock the door and let him sleep outside due to those disagreements, we're life-time bonded!

Oh yeah!

I admire those who decide to get married in such a young age. Bravo! I can't imagine a younger version of me dealing with all these stuffs and not giving up, knowing that me and abang are totally opposite. If I am at the right end spectrum, he will be at the other end! HOHOHO ... I was 26 and he was 27 when we decided to take this relationship to a higher level and here we are, 6 years later learning to become a better us. You can have a dream wedding as dreamy as you want, as fantastic as you want but at the end of the day, it's all about the marriage. 

I was watching this rom-com movie in Diva Channel which having 'marriage' as the big title and it said you need the Three Cs in your marriage life; Commitment, Compromised, and Communication. I was nodding my head hardly as I watch through out that movie. There is no fix formula how to commit, compromise, and communicate that works equally for every couple. You should figure it out on your own. Of course together with your significant others. 

I'm still and will always working on those Cs for the rest of our marriage life. It's not a one day thingy .. It's a day to day homework for both of us and yes it may change along the way, depending on the season in our life. We communicate differently during our first days in our marriage until now having Gide in our life. We fail many times, but again the commitment makes us get back on our knees and continue this journey. And compromising is not that bad knowing that you'll achieve greater purpose at the end of the road.

Tough. Yes!
Hard. Yes!

Worth? Yes!

So yeah we don't live happily ever after. 

We live crazily in love for each other. We support wholeheartedly for each other. We make fun endlessly of each other. We hug tightly when we're not at mad at each other. We kiss passionately to show our affection to each other. We, .. err I cry badly if things don't go as I want. We just two people that put lots of effort on this marriage. 

By the grace of the Lord, we're walking on this journey 'till death do us part


  1. Makanya gue suka gak tahan sama anak muda yang baru aja pacaran, tapi udah nyebar lope lope dimana-mana, tiap hari bahasannya soal dream wedding, padahal mah, nikahan itu KERJA KERAS tiada akhir. Ya gak sih?

  2. whoaa totally agree!! pasangan yang akan merit harus baca ini.. terutama yang masih di awan-awan imajinasinya tentang kehidupan pernikahan hahahaha. I will also say marriage life is not easy, but it's worth the journey. And I'm not regretting it at all.

    btw, dalam rangka apa nih nulis ginian? kirain ujung2nya ada tulisan "happy anniversary abang" gitu hahahahaha

    1. hahah dalam rangka menyambut lebaran nih! loh?! ya lagi eling aja nih sis jadinya nulisnya begini hahahaha :)


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