Fun Fact #457: I never been to (singapore's) Chinatown

.. till that particular Sunday!! Yup! I'm serious! No particular reason, it's just I don't have the chance to go there. As far as I can remember my mom had been there for several times already, even staying at the famous 'people's park' .. and for me, nil! The other fun fact is, Abang never been there also! So yeah! Weird fact suits better than fun fact HOHOHO ..

On that particular Sunday we decided to play tourist and explored that area , .. err  actually it was like two months ago I guess and it's kinda fun remembering how scorching hot that day. We found this stall selling porridge and steam rice with cheap price, bought the famous egg tart from Tong Heng Pastries, ... walked up the Ann Siang Hill, and strolled along the Chinatown Food Street, and not too forget having fun and enjoying each other company!! Too bad Cafe Insadong was closed that day since we were aiming to beat the heat by slurping their bingsu ..

It was a nice Sunday afternoon after all! Oh! Thanks to Keke and Clara for being our tour guide on that day .. 'till our next trip ya, sis! HOHOHO



  1. Gill, pertanyaan yg ga nyambung ama topiknya, itu stroller apa yah? Peg perego kah? Ok kah untuk traveling? I mean, entengkah, sturdy kah, gampang buka tutupnya kah? Hihi

    1. iyaaa itu peg perego yang type si! model umbrella stroller, pas dilipet bisa berdiri sendiri, 7kg beratnya! gw pake dari Gide newborn, dit! btw, gw baru beli pockit HAHAHA .. indo banget ya!! semua pake pockit! gw rasa travelling wise tergantung kemana juga, .. ini oke sih sturdy banget tapi kalo si pockit lebih ringkes! karena kecilll .. btw, mclaren yang umbrella juga oke tuh kayaknya buat travelling .. gw lupa tipenya apaaaa .. ethan mau jalan - jalan kemanaaaa lagiii nihhhh ...

    2. Gw ga suka pockit! Haha, kasian aja gt ngeliat anakny dudukny ga enak dan tidur susah. Kita kmrn ini klo traveling pke aprica magical air, enteng bgt tuh tp rodanya kurang mantep deh, bgitu ada tanjakan dikit dia ga bs naik, haha, trus senderannya gampang kendor bgt, jd skrg ga bs duduk tegak tuh cm bisa tiduran, haha. Ethan mau ke negeri matahari terbit auntie! Haha


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