Mural, Mural On the Wall

Still from our museum trip!!

If you have a chance to visit Singapore Art Museum, don't forget to go the Queen Street Wing side and pay attention to the murals painted on the wall in while you're taking your steps up through the staircase. I assume they change it after a while because I remember it was a different one when I visited it last time. I assume again there are meanings behind every murals there but I'm to lazy too observe it. It's quite abstract and absurd for me the not artsy one! *wink*

Oh well! 

But still we can use it as a nice background though! HOHOHO .. 

Had an impromptu mother and son photo session there! Initially I was planning to take Gide's picture but since Aunty Janne was there, we managed to force her to be our sudden photographer! HOHOHO .. Turned out it's kind like having #OOTD!! Definitely not your typical kind of #OOTD with those cool and good looking pose and perfect angle but me likey likey!! 

I just pulled out my comfy ripped jeans and tee from the wardrobe that allowed me to breathe, run, and carry this lil dude! Being a mom is hard, man! Thug life! HAHAHA .. And for Gide, he was wearing a navy polo tee combined with red shorts and his blue chucks! Never thought he could pull off that red shorts! Good job mommy in doing mix and match!! Proud momma! HAHAHA ... Ya kali ini ya muji diri sendiri! ;)  

"Gill, Gidenya lucu tapi muka loe aneh!"
"HAHAHA .. gpp lah!! Poto lagi aja, Ne!!"

Thanks again Aunty Janne for taking our pictures! Mommy said, she'll be more than happy to take your pictures with Jojo anytime soon to return the favor. Next museum date perhaps? :)


  1. Replies
    1. lucu soalnya colourful banget, man! tapi gw liat the whole big picture lumayan abstract banget .. yaaa gw yang kurang paham art kali yaaa :)

  2. Ahhh.. gw ga cocok foto OOTD ala2 candid gt, anak saya aja ya buk!

    1. bisa bisa *maksa*, ntar kita latian hahah .. kode ngajak pergi lagi ;)

  3. Murah ini kalo di kerjakan di tempat yg bener pasti hasil nya cakep, tapi yg ada banyak yg kebablasan di kerjakan di tembok2 ngak jelas ihik ihik


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