Mun Tahu

I clearly remembered when I ate this dish for the first time. It was on this Chinese Restaurant somewhere at Puncak area during our lunch break on the way to the villa. Err, I think I was like 10 years old back then. Yeah my brain could work that good! HAHAHA .. Remembering things that nobody would even bother to keep it in their memory. Or maybe because it was so damn good that your memory choose to save it! You know right, the brain works remembering your best and worst moments, so I guess this is one of my best moments?! Mun tahu?! I know!! FTW!!

My mom used to cook this dish when we were a little and I love how the tofu 'melts' in my mouth! Oh! My other favorite Mun Tahu dish is from Bakmi Permata. It's been ages since I ate there!! They have this Nasi Mun Tahu and I'm one big fan!! Btw, if you're wondering the difference between Mapo Tofu and Mun Tahu let me try to explain it to you. It's similar though! Same same but different! Aha! Mapo tofu is a Szechuan dish which a combination of tofu set in a spicy chili and bean-based sauce and usually cooked with fermented black beans and minced meat, usually pork or beef. On the other hand, Mun Tahu is not spicy at all. That's the big difference!

About two weeks ago, I was craving for this Mun Tahu and decided to create my own version of it. The simple one!! Gave it to Gide as well and mommy hit the jackpot!! Though he preferred to eat the meat than the tofu! Oh well, carnivore in the making HOHOHO ...


  • Prep Time : 5 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cook Time: 15 - 20 Minutes
    • Chinese (white) tofu, diced 1x1 cm
    • Minced pork (If you don't eat pork,  you can substitute it with chicken or beef)   
    • Sliced straw mushroom
    • Chopped garlic
    • Cooking oil
    • Sugar, salt, pepper
    • Soy sauce
    • Corn starch, dilute it with water
    • Water  
    • Spring onion 
    • Heat the oil and saute garlic till fragrant
    • Put in the minced pork and stir fry it till it cooked
    • Add the mushroom, stir fry it again
    • Add the tofu and mix it all together
    • Add some salt, pepper, and sugar
    • Add some water 
    • Stir until the water boils, add in the corn starch solution and stir till it thickens 
    • Add in the sliced spring onion, stir for a while and your Mun Tahu ready to be served!


    1. Mun tahu versi mamayukero lbh byk dagingnyaaaa.. kapan masak buat Jo ni onti

      1. harusnya judulnya mun daging ya! HAHAHA .. Yuk sini maen ke rumah ntar dimasakin ;)


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