How We Rocked Our Museum Day

A room full of flowers?! And all is yellow! Favorite!!!! And this is only the first installation of many that you'll see from Future World: Where Arts Meets Science at ArtScience Museum Marina Bay Sands. The exhibition itself is divided into four sections; Nature, Town, Park, and Space .. and what I like the most from this exhibition is interactive. Yup!! Including for a 14 months old toddler. He had fun walking around and exploring the installation. It's child and stroller friendly environment! Double hoorays!! No! Triple hoorays!!

Familiar with this idiom?! Nah, it's not about your work or assignment! It's about you channeling your inner Picasso, or maybe Michael Angelo. Da Vince perhaps?! I believe everyone of us have that little artsy side and no matter how low the percentage, take this moment to read, understand, and enjoy every installations. We live in a high speed world and tend to 'enjoy' whatever we can see at the moment, but this time around try to spend more time to explore the installation. It's time slow down a lil bit and feed our right side of brain more. That's what we did in the museum, taking our own sweet time laying down on the bean bags at 100 Years Sea Animation Diorama .. Btw, do you know that you can lay down in the 'flower garden' at Flower and People Cannot be Controlled but Live Together? Yes! You are allowed to do that .. Isn't it fun?!!

Coming from someone who tend to overlook things, I really have to admit that it's true that the small details that count. Yup! That's including when we visited this exhibition. I was talking about how I love the Little People installation to a friend of mine and she said she didn't see that part! I was what?! You missed on the cutest installation ever!!

This installation is part of the Town section and it's located a bit hidden at the left side but you won't miss it if you really being 'kiasu' oops .. exploring the exhibition! This is my favorite installation! You'll find a round table where so called the house of these little people and they will react through motion and objects placed on the table. Too bad the pictures were not clear enough aka blur but me still like it!

Aren't these little people cute, are they?
The little people and another little people ;)

Here are some more from our Town experiences ...

Btw, don't forget to watch your step where you're going coz you may step on a gecko! Not a real one! I'll be screaming my lung out if step on it but it's everywhere on the floor hehehe ... Again, it's the small details that count! 


Another activity we did over there is coloring!! But more than just a normal coloring session, our became alive! Cool right?! All you need to do is choose one of the pictures provided, color it, scan it , .. and voila! It will appear immediately on the big screen together with the others as well and it's kind proud moment to see your art work there HAHAHAHA ..

Moreover, we played with the slide, hopscotch, and not to forget throwing, catching, and rolling those colourful balls at Light Ball Orchestra at the Park Section. We were busy keeping our hands dirty, our feet busy, and our heart happy. We're busy making memories!

Yup! Yup! Yup! That's the most important thing we did! We enjoy each other company, not to mention this could be mean chasing Gide here and there! Family outing equals to work out session for mommy and daddy :)

Some advises to make your visit more enjoyable. First, pick the right admission time to avoid the crowd. Second, sign up for the MBS membership for free because they are having special promotion buy 1 get 1 free for ArtScience Museum and many other things. Go to level B2 near the food court where you can find a like a concierge booth and just let them know that you want to sign up for the membership. So yeah! that's how we rocked our family museum kinda' day!! Planning to pay another visit when lil sis is coming to town, .. care to join?