Outer Power

Outer is my go-to fashion item when I want to flavor things up! Bisa dibilang ini salah satu fashion item yang bisa bikin sesuatu yang biasa jadi lebih ga bisasa, be it vest, cardigan, blazer, kimono, or the happening parka .Yoi banget ga sih saya macam fashion blogger! HOHOHO ... 

I chose to pair up my white top and jeans with my favorite tribal outer from five13thelabel that I got for quite sometimes. The girly side of me want to be stylish but the mother side of me is screaming about comfort and living in a tropical country with a wobbling toddler make me have to choose my outfit right, so this outer came to the rescue! Yeay!! Mommy can still run around with style! ...And if I can't take it anymore, just wrap it around the waist or keep it in the diaper bag! Problem solved! HAHAHA :)


  1. Lu coba ceki-ceki koleksinya Handy Hartono deh kalo lu demen pake outer gini. Tar beli kalo di Indo. Keren!

    1. okeh ntar aku coba ceki - ceki :) makasih bule :)


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