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In Her Shoes

.. and bags, clothes, and lipsticks! And jeans, joger pants, and not to forget shoes again! HAHAHA ..

Here, There, and Everywhere

Life has been interesting lately!! In a good way!!! Went to Youth Camp and had an opportunity to share at the workshop, another playdate at Art Science Museum, enjoying the post office new service called POP Station to get the Kylie Lip Kit, playing catch up game with a good friend of mine after 8 years of hiatus. Geez!! Doing some major spring cleaning again, listing down stuff for our upcoming trip ... Not to forget busy chasing a toddler!!! Pulling myself together to do some exercise again! So yeah those can sum up my life recently...
No room for complaining!

A Piece of Home

As some of you know, we'll be going overseas while our baby will be staying with my parents during that period, so my job is to make sure that he has everything that he needs while we're away. In other words, I have to pack all his needs and ... packing is not fun! Soalnya saya pengen bawa semuanya! HAHAHA ... Yaaaa tapi pada akhirnya saya sebenernya tau sih harus bawa yang penting - penting aja, tapi kan semua penting yak! Muter - muter aja di situ terus Gill macam telor dulu atau ayam dulu HOHOHO ...