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God, Gide, and Me

We were having dinner with our guest speaker that night when he asked me this question, ..

No Matter What

Di salah satu WA group ibu - ibu, ...
Salah satu topiknya yaitu seputar bapil yang modelnya kayak harga dollar yaitu naek turun, terus dilanjutkan dengan gossip selebriti ibukota yang baru saja melangsungkan pesta pernikahan yang mana mempelai laki - lakinya itu temen seangkatan dan ya bisa dibilang cukup charming lah di mata wanita - wanita dan sampelah kepada pembicaraan ini, ..

A Hijakced Staycation

Just like last year, we decided to have another round of staycation to celebrate our anniversary. A super short getaway would be nice to cherish our 6th year togetherness. Gees! I feel that we're that young and old at the same time. What a metaphor! And yes of course, Gide is coming with us! No more daddy-mommy only, it's the three musketeers against the world! HAHAHA ... 
Telling you the truth, instead of a sweet and romantic getaway, it's more like a two days field trip with this little guy. Kalo kata bapaknya, "Ini mah kita nemenin Gide jalan - jalan yak! Yang ngerayain siapa, yang heboh siapa!" HAHAHA ... I couldn't agree more with daddy! Look at his cheeky and smiley face! He was having the time of his life! The perks of being a toddler I guess ;)

We started our day with swimming! Yeay yeay yeay! And again we're busy entertaining this little one who get very excited exploring the water slide. Ampun deh nih bocah! Ngeliat aer langsung jigar HAHAHA .…

#fromwherewestand: Brooklyn Bridge

It all started in 1869 and took 14 years to build this frequently photographed landmark. From what I read, New York's famous Brooklyn Bridge transports 120,000 vehicles, 4,000 pedestrians, and 3100 cyclist every day. Guess we're one of those pedestrians mentioned in the statistic! But  hey, wouldn't you do the same when you had a chance to visit the Big Apple?! It's a-walk-to-remember moment in my case despite of the crazy wind and sore leg due to our walking here and there. By the end of the day nothing beat the combo of Brooklyn Bridge, sunset, and your significant other. Yes, I got those all three!! Booya!!

East Coast Bound Here and There

Duo Jagoan Neon is back! Dalam episode: Journey to the East!! Anak mana anak?! Dititipin dulu ya! Bapak emaknya cuti sebentar biar api asmara kembali berpijar! Alesan!! HOHOHO ... After exploring the West Coast in 2012, this time we're heading to East Coast. It's a good valid reason too since the visa is expiring soon #gamaurugi ;)

The Lingo, The Act & The Tantrum

That look! That smirk!
Oalah! Anak siapa sih ini?! Pertanyaan retorik sejuta umat di endonesa HOHOHO :)

Pack to Unpack to Pack

... and to unpack again!

Yup! I think that's the right phrase to describe my life for the past two months. Frankly speaking, packing and me are more like a love-hate relationship.  Two strong words; love and hate. Is it possible? Yes indeed in this term HOHOHO .. I'm grateful for the opportunity to explore the other part of the word and coming home back and forth but kinda lazy remembering the all the clutter and stuff that need to be taken care of. Dasar manusia! Komplen mulu!!