A Hijakced Staycation

Just like last year, we decided to have another round of staycation to celebrate our anniversary. A super short getaway would be nice to cherish our 6th year togetherness. Gees! I feel that we're that young and old at the same time. What a metaphor! And yes of course, Gide is coming with us! No more daddy-mommy only, it's the three musketeers against the world! HAHAHA ... 

Telling you the truth, instead of a sweet and romantic getaway, it's more like a two days field trip with this little guy. Kalo kata bapaknya, "Ini mah kita nemenin Gide jalan - jalan yak! Yang ngerayain siapa, yang heboh siapa!" HAHAHA ... I couldn't agree more with daddy! Look at his cheeky and smiley face! He was having the time of his life! The perks of being a toddler I guess ;)

We started our day with swimming! Yeay yeay yeay! And again we're busy entertaining this little one who get very excited exploring the water slide. Ampun deh nih bocah! Ngeliat aer langsung jigar HAHAHA ... He was pointing the slide like thousand time and say yes yes yes .. Guess you know the rest of the story, daddy climbing up and down while mommy cheering! That's how it works! HAHAHA ... *lap keringet*

After tempting to try the Indonesian food buffet that will cost us $55++ /person, we decided to go for something sensible. We had 'normal' Japanese food for our dinner at Ichiban Boshi. As a first timer, we might come back again there. Iya, ga rela saya suruh bayar kikil ratusan ribu!! Perut sih rela ya cuma dompet dikekepin kenceng - kenceng ... Terus si anak kecil gimana? Si anak kecil sukses teler di begitu baru diangkut di ergo. That's the most quality time we got which only last for an hour and later on that night this munchkin was busy climbing up and down the bed! What a life, Gideon!! Envy you! HAHAHA ..

The next day was pretty much the same only we had to change the swimming area to bath up since it was raining since morning. Boo! Daddy was planning to have some leyeh - leyeh time before checked out but it didn't happen! Sorry dada it's totally different like last year when Gide was only 5 months and the best he could do was lying down on the bed HAHAHA .. Now is the run and catch season already :) We decided to go back early and spend the rest of the day at home. Oh! We managed to go swimming again in the afternoon at the swimming complex in our neighborhood. What a memorable anniversary celebration! HAHAHAHA ... We're tired to death but happy at the same time looking at Gide's happy face! We love you, Gide!!

And for daddy, ... Happy anniversary! Thank you for the early anniversary gift!! Me laff laff laff! More than that, thank you for being a better you each and everyday. Thank you for always giving your best for our little family! You were asking what's the most memorable thing within this six years? I would say again and again, EVERYTHING! The ups and downs, the laugh and tears, the joke and argue! You made it worth!! You know how much I love you and hate you at the same time! HAHAHA ... May the love of Christ always be the centre of our marriage and cheers to baby number two?! Errr .. Not now not now! HOHOHO .. Cheers to more group hugs in the future!!! I LOVE YOU!! Happy six, hunyiii!!!

PS: It's truly a hijacked staycation, we didn't even have a picture of the two of us! ;)


  1. happy anniversary gill.... gua juga kemaren kabur sehari dalam rangak ngerayain anniversary hahahaha... modusin suami, padahal mah niatnya emang pengen liburan doang hahahaha...

  2. Hepi enifersari Gill remon! *en Gide :)

  3. Namanya mah happy staycation gide! And happy running n catching mommy n daddy hahaha. Axel donk masih 5 bulan jd kl staycation msh bs ditaro di tempat tidur aja hahahahaha.

    Happy anniversary gill n remon!more love and happiness to you!

    1. Thank you mama axel!!!! :) :)
      Taon lalu gitu tuh, De! Si Gide 5 bulan! Ntar ya taon depan gw pengen tau loe ngomong apa HAHAHAHA ...


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