#fromwherewestand: Brooklyn Bridge

It all started in 1869 and took 14 years to build this frequently photographed landmark. From what I read, New York's famous Brooklyn Bridge transports 120,000 vehicles, 4,000 pedestrians, and 3100 cyclist every day. Guess we're one of those pedestrians mentioned in the statistic! But  hey, wouldn't you do the same when you had a chance to visit the Big Apple?! It's a-walk-to-remember moment in my case despite of the crazy wind and sore leg due to our walking here and there. By the end of the day nothing beat the combo of Brooklyn Bridge, sunset, and your significant other. Yes, I got those all three!! Booya!!

Now let the imagination take over! If I am given a chance to visit this place again, I would love to wear my vintage dress, immerse myself in the 60s or 70s era, and capturing that moment. By capturing that moment means force Abang to take different shots and angles! HAHAHA .. With a side note, the weather is friendly enough! Meaning neither windy nor snowy, otherwise we should go to plan B .. back to my denim hoodie! HAHAHA ... What about you? What would you wear if you had a change to visit Brooklyn Bridge? I don't take t-shirt and jeans as the answer btw! Something different!! We're playing dress up here! ;)

If some other bridges are famous for their locks, here in Brooklyn Bridge you'll find earphones! and yes some locks too apparently. And yet I still don't get the idea of people putting all those things. Why people can't just leave it as it is? Why people why?! Is that really necessary? Anyway, it's another walk to remember. A walk in Brooklyn Bridge!  

Like the folks you meet on
Like to plant my feet on the Brooklyn Bridge
What a lovely view from
Heaven looks at you from the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge - Frank Sinatra


  1. hahaha lucu banget sih digantungin earphones itu!!! :)

    1. antara lucu sama kenapa-sih-harus-digantungin-gitu? ;)


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