Pack to Unpack to Pack

... and to unpack again!

Yup! I think that's the right phrase to describe my life for the past two months. Frankly speaking, packing and me are more like a love-hate relationship.  Two strong words; love and hate. Is it possible? Yes indeed in this term HOHOHO .. I'm grateful for the opportunity to explore the other part of the word and coming home back and forth but kinda lazy remembering the all the clutter and stuff that need to be taken care of. Dasar manusia! Komplen mulu!!

Oh btw, HELLO EVERYBODY!!! It's good to do some typing activity again after folding and ironing all those clothes. And yes!! I have finished all my laundry! Hip hip hooray!!! I'm giving a pat on my shoulder! Hard one! Good job, Gillian!!! 

So basically this is what has been happening in my packing world. Eh teteup ya harus diceritakan! Ya kan biar menghidupi dan menghayati judulnya, kakak! HOHOHO ;)

Pack for Indo trip - Unpack - Pack for going back to SG - Unpack - Pack for East Coast Trip - Unpack - Pack for another Indo trip - Unpack - Pack for going back to SG again - Unpack ... and finally keeping all the luggage in store room. Fiuh!

And yes, in between some those packing activities, I have a toddle that need to be entertained and fed, a house that need to be cleaned, and some another lalala stuff that need to be taken care of. Oh! not to forget to bear the pain due to a lost tooth! Looking back, all I can say is thank you! Thank you that I still have the chance to feel busy. To feel miserable. To feel happy. Life oh life!

Life has been back to normal for the past one week. Just transferred all the pictures and looking forward to share more stories with you guys! In a meanwhile, sending my warmest hug to everybody! Hope you guys are in a good shape .. or if you're not, just hang in there! This too shall pass :)

PS: We .. errr I accidentally forgot to bring Bambang back! I think he'll be just fine in Jakarta till we fetch him during Christmas ;)  


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