#dressingthelildude: THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT

A baseball tee, folded short denim pants, high cut shoes! Oh! And a snap cap! Don't forget to sprinkle some swag and you're so ready, baby! But remember to always be polite whenever and wherever you are and don't forget the magic words; please and thank you! Be a gentleman and conquer the world. My prayer is always be with you!! Run, baby! No! Don't run! Fly!! Fly!! Soar high like an eagle!!

Gide has been quite active lately and that's level up the challenge to take his proper #OOTD shots! Oh well kalo kata bapake, "Ini mah obsesi emaknya aja!" Lah?! Koq aku yang kena?! Kalo pembelaan dari sisi mami bilangnya ini buat kenang - kenangan dan mumpung anaknya belom bisa protes, .. err udah mulai bisa protes sih cu ma masih bisa sedikit dicuekin *wink*  

Btw, back to #dressingthelildude, we got this baseball tee online and the initial plan was to have a family shot wearing the same top but apparently the one who fit the top nicely was only Gide. I fit his daddy's tee actually HAHAHA .. So scrap that idea and let this lil cheeky boy shine! Go Gide! Go Gide!! .. Meanwhile let mommy think another idea and outfit for our family photo shoot. And yes, daddy! Mommy won't order the mainstream top again *pinky promise* HOHOHO .. 

Special thanks to Ona for the denim pants, Aunty Keke for the shoes that has been given to Gide since he was 4 month. You're such a visionary! HAHAHA .. and last but not least, the snap cap from Aunty Lea. Thank you all beautiful souls! Love you long long! Gugag!! In Gide's language which means group hug!


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    1. hihihih makasih tante ;) salam unyel - unyel balik :)

  2. Helo gide ganteng! Iya ni anak2& baby difoto2 ootd demi obsesi emaknya aja haha *ngaca. .Jadi skrg maminya lagi puter otak buat cari baju kembaran ya hahaha. Selamat berjuangg

    1. hihihih tante dea juga kan?! mau kembaran sama Axel :)


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