There's Something About Brick

I have something about brick! Be it a wall or building .. I just find it rustic and classic at the same time. And strong as well! Remind me of the story from Three Little Pigs, .. yup the last pig made his house of bricks and the big bad wolf couldn't bring it down no longer how hard he huffed and puffed to bring the house down.  Another plus point from me, it's such a nice #OOTD backdrop. Long live the bricks! HOHOHO ...

During our trip to Boston, we managed to walk down the history of Freedom Trail; a 2.5-mile route that tell us the story of American Revolution. And guess what?! All you need to do is follow the red-lined bricky route that will lead you to different buildings, churches, museums that share their stories to you .. 

History can be fun and boring at the same time but we decided to choose the fun part. Terms and conditions applied though. I have my significant other with me so we had fun exploring the trail .. not to forget sore feet as well .. Another supporting factor is the bright sunny weather! All set!

History is one of my favorite subjects during school time, but sometimes somehow this little brain of mine doesn't cooperative well remembering all those facts or things that I need to do HAHAHA .. It always happen like that, isn't it?! When it's needed, you can't remember it and vice versa. Sometimes I wish I can arrange and access my brain the way I arrange those folders in my computer .. I wish! And keep wishing!! *fingers crossed*

Yes, there's something about brick, .. and tiles too! That's what I like! Can I add top of the buildings with clear blue sky as well? And murals, pretty flowers, vibrant colour, .. the list is getting longer and longer. I like too many things that what my husband often tell me! And that's what make me, me! What about you?! What do you like? Do you have something about brick as well? Perhaps we can arrange a trip in the future and create new trend; #brickhunter !! Why not?! ;)