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Can We Have Another Sunset Dance?

Mendadak Bali! Mungkin dua kata itu yang paling tepat mendeskripsikan perjalanan kami ke Bali minggu lalu karena rencana awal hanya Abang yang akan pergi ke Bali untuk menghadiri acara pernikahan salah satu teman kami sementara saya dan Gide tetap tinggal di Singapura, but sometimes life is so unpredictable and full of surprises! So here we were last week, having our sunset dance at Pantai Berawa ...
Another word to add on; Grateful!

It was an overdue beach date with this little guy since the little red dot has been raining here and there, so the moment we touched down at Ngurah Rai there was only one thing in Daddy's mind, beach! And of course Gide couldn't be more happy with this idea! He just love beach so much! I guess it just run in his blood ...
That afternoon once again I truly humbled by God's greatness. Watching the sun set beautifully with my loved ones while looking at their happy faces surely something that I wouldn't trade with anything else in the world …

#50/52: In Between the Wreath and the Tree,

... I made pastel tutup and having fun with the silhouette project! Apa lagi ini sih?! Ya bisa dibilang antara produktif dan cari kerjaan repot sendiri, we decided to go all the way DIY-ing for this year Christmas gifts! Ya itu cape tapi bahagia rasanya!! Satu lagi, lebih hemat! Ho'oh banget!! Penting! HAHAHA ... Anyway, just call it a DIY month! Ahey!!

Just like the previous years, we personalized our year-end gift to some our dearest friends and this time around I had an idea to make their silhouette like the one I did before with my students while I was still working and I really like how it was done. Seneng aja gitu liatnya! Kayak classic!! Tsah!
I remembered it was the theme of "Myself" in our school and I was browsing and looking for some art and craft ideas and this idea popped up! Aha!! Basically you just need to take picture of someone from the side! Hadap samping gitu! After which, print it in black and white, cut the outline, paint it…

Our (handy) Christmas Tree

11 days to Christmas and our Christmas tree is up! Yeay yeay yeay!!! Oh well, may not be your typical Christmas tree after all but nothing can compare the joy of accomplishing another DIY project! Proudly present to you, our handy Christmas tree!!! *kembang api dhuar dhuar dhuar* HOHOHO ... And yes it's a hanging Christmas tree by the way! Up on our living room wall! ;)

Just like our wreath, we intentionally to let his tiny hands to be part of our DIY project! The very same hands that hold our heart. Gide was so excited when I brought my art and craft box. He surely know that his mommy was going to do some fun yet messy stuff with him, but little did he know that I was about to paint his hand green! Aha!!!
"Kita mau cip cip cip ya, Mami!" "Iya, we're going to have some painting session! But this time around I'm going to paint your hand. Ntar mami mau cat tangan Gide!"
"Oh gitu ya? Cat tangan Gide ya?"
"Iya! Mau buat Christmas tree dari tanga…

The Door With That Wreath

As I mentioned earlier in the previous post, we decided to have some DIY projects for Christmas this year and project numero one is done! Yeah yeah yeah!! 18 days left till Christmas and our DIY Christmas wreath is up! Wohooo!!! Thanks to my little elf who was more than happy to help mommy *kiss kiss Gide*

I shall call this year's Christmas project: TINY HANDS THAT HOLD OUR HEART! What a long title! Tapi tetep ditulis! HAHAHA ... The title is inspired from the one who has the tiniest hands in the house, Gide Pardede!!! This Christmas will be our third Christmas together as a family of three and as time goes by we are feeling more than grateful for this little man in our family. We can truly taste and see God's endless love and goodness trough him. Yup! Surely he hold our heart! Tightly!!! The other reason, I want Gide to involve directly in our Christmas project and what else better than having this tiny hands all around the house, ... errr in a good and proper way of course! …

#48/52: Four Left

25 more sleeps to Christmas and 4 weeks left to another new year! Say what?! Say ALAMAK!!! Harus ngapain?! Berhentiin waktu, lambatin waktu, cepetin waktu, puter kembali waktu?! AH! Yang bener nikmatin waktu! Shedap shay!! Terus mendadak inget resolusi mau hidup lebih sehat yang mikirnya bisa berefek kepada penurunan berat badan, terus migren sendiri ngeliatin dobelcin HAHAHA ..
I was thinking if I were given additional one hour, one day, or even one month, .. So it's like 25/8 per day, 53 months per year, would still be the same thinking that time flies too fast and you know so much things to do yet so little time we have?! Would I?! I think it's still going to be same old same old, sami mawon! *sigh*
The past two weeks really just went like a blink! It started with our wedding anniversary which we went to Gide's future school to pay his school fee and had nasi padang for lunch, continued with grocery shopping, ended up in Nike outlet, and had this ice longan roseola as …

Kyoto-chan, Aishiteru!

Call me bias but I think I left my heart in Kyoto! Among three cities we visited, I fell in love with Kyoto just like I did before with San Fransisco and Boston! Oops I did it again said Britney! Duile bawa - bawa Britney segala!! HOHOHO ... Tokyo was fun but it was very crowded while in Osaka we were having too much drama which I'm going to share it with you guys in separate post. Bukan salah si Osaka juga sih, cuma kalo diinget - inget lagi koq ampun dije banget yak! Salah siapa Gill?! HAHAHA .. Anyway, Kyoto truly a winner in my heart! 

Call me bias again but the weather did play a big role during traveling and as you can guess, we almost had zero rain while in Kyoto! I said almost! We had drizzling here and there just like when we visited Arashiyama, but rather than that I was more than happy to fold the umbrella. After having those wet days in Tokyo, it felt to good to have your clothes dry through out the day, and to let your child roaming around without having the thought…