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"What was I thinking?!"
Pertanyaan itu yang muncul di otak saya pas kemaren ini saya iseng - iseng baca postingan - postingan lama di blog ini. Seriously! What was I thinking?! Koq ya isinya banyak menye - menye ga jelas, curhat ini itu, belom lagi ada postingan - postingan random yang bikin jidat mengernyit. Eh bener ga sih bahasanya mengernyit?! Diapus ya sayang, ga diapus ya kayak aib juga ya HAHAHA

A Date at The Library

We went to visit the public library both in New York and Boston and I all I can say is they're so pretty. Size wise, New York Public Library is bigger and way much busier but it doesn't matter, they're still pretty in my eyes. I'm wondering whether all the libraries in the States are like this. Kalo kata Keke, "Gue bisa OOTD sampe juling!" Ya ga sampe juling juga kali, sis HAHAHA .. 
Nothing much to say about the library. I let the picture do the justice. Either you're a bookworm or not you have nothing to loose visiting these pretty libraries. The one I share with you is the Boston Public Library. And yes, I don't mind having a date night at the library ...

A Square Full of Lights

Welcome to Times Square New York City where as far as you can see all gigantic neon boxes and colourful LED lights! Everywhere! Every corner! And of course people! People is everywhere too! People from all over the places from all over the world .. So try your best not to bump to each other which is kinda hard though. But we made it! Oh yeah!! All you need to is just take as much pictures as you want and enjoy the moment or in this case enjoy the light! HOHOHO ..

19 months and ...


The Subway and The Broadway

Hello! Another post from our East Coast bound last year. Kindly bear with me while I'm still in progress keeping our travelogue memories and at the same time busy recording things that happen in between ... Again, warm welcome to all of you who are kind enough to visit this blog :)
Talking about New York, there are two things that you need to put on your check list during your visit there; The Subway and The Broadway. They say you'll never experience New York until you ride their subway and watch their theatrical production ... and in my checklist don't forget to try Shake Shack, Chic-Fil-A, and the Halal Guys! Tetep ya makanan HOHOHO :)

Mad About Met

One word to describe this museum : Ajubile! Ajubile besarnya! Ajubile ramenya! Ajubile bagusnya! Ajubile koleksinya! Ajubile! I'm talking about that MET, The MET; The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, the largest art museum in the United States. Ajubile jauhnya dari singapur juga! HAHAHA ...

No No No

My name is "No"
My sign is "No"
My number is "No"
You need to let it go
You need to let it go
Need to let it go
"Nah" to the "Ah" to the "No", "No", "No"

La Douceur Du Foyer

It's a home sweet home in French! I google it, btw ;)  When other people are having crazy adventurous different things in their bucket list, mine or should I say ours is to have our own house. A house that we can call home! I know a home is more than just a place, it's where your heart is but having a literally physical house is something that we have been praying about ..

Funway at Fenway

One of our itineraries when in Boston was visiting this famous Fenway Park, the legendary baseball park that has been home for Boston Red Sox. The one who was excited of course Abang the sport guy. For me, I'm aware of this club and their legendary player such as Babe Ruth, and that's it! The rest was zero! Ya maklum ya, saya ini lebih tertarik menghafal jenis - jenis soto daripada atlet - atlet olahraga HOHOHO .. On the side note, I have to read more! No! Ask more to Abang since he knows lots of things ;)

Edi, Ami, Gida!

Begitu yang keluar dari mulut si bocah kalo manggil bapak, ibu, dan dirinya! Ntar Edi ntar Adi, ntar Ami ntaran bisa jadi Emi, .. belom lagi kadang Ida, kadang Ide, sekali - kali Gide kuar juga HAHAHA ... Apalagi belakangan ini lagi lengket - lengketnya kayak ulet keket sama saya dan kalo manggil mami ga bisa sekali, musti berkali - kali jadinya Amiamiamiami .. dan sampe saya jawab iya, baru anaknya berenti. Kalopun saya udah jawab, kadang masih manggil terus ..

National Museum in Square Feeds

We managed to squeeze in another museum date before going back to Jakarta last year. Yeay!! Another museum date with my baby! And our beloved aunties too, Keke and Shella! This time we went to National Museum of Singapore at Stamford Road. You must recognize this pretty white majestic building in the heart of this lion city. If you have chance to visit Singapore, try to put this place on your list beside Orchard, Bugis, and Universal Studio! It's instagram worthy if this will make you visit this place! *wink*

Chop Chop Chop

Salah satu daftar wajib dalam to-do list saya setiap balik ke indo adalah nyalon terus facial juga! Buat modelan buibuk kayak saya yang sehari - hari berkutat dengan urusan rumah, ke salon itu udah kayak barang mewah apalagi di endonesa. Aku dimanjakan, kakak! Ditanya keramas aer anget apa dingin, mau pake shampoo jenis apa, belom lagi pas dikeramas dipijit - pijit juga terus ditanya udah cukup belom .. kelar keramas langsung ditanya mau minum apa endebre endebra ... bahagia syalala! Dan hampir aja batal kunjungan ke salon kemaren dikarenakan si bocil sakit .. Puji Tuhan sekarang udah mendingan jauh walopun urusan makan masih amburadul, tapi seenggaknya udah bisa ngabisin roti coklat sendiri. Hore!!

Aye aye, Captain!

This lil captain is officially a toddler according Singapore's preschool age but yet we send him to school, .. Ntaran aja ya de, taon depan! Mami masih belom puas kruntelan sama kamu HOHOHO .. Jadi taon ini Gide sekolahnya sama mami aja di rumah, home schooling! Tsah gaya!! Kita emang rencananya baru mau masukkin sekolah taon depan biar anaknya udah lebih gede. Pe er mami taon ini berarti mulai cari - cari sekolah buat Gide ...