19 months and ...

  • 12 kg and 82.7 cm
  • Finished all his vaccinations series! Yeay!! 
  • Having his first ice cream cone and finished it all by himself
  • Trying hard to jump! Keep on trying, dear!
  • Enjoy talking on the phone! Oh yeah! This juragan jengkol is super busy! 
  • Starting to rote counting one to ten and satu sampai sepuluh in his own order 
  • Start learning about colour and insist all colour are either blue or green 
  • Able to point out his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and pipi! Yes, he said pipi for cheek
  • Hitting the drum sticks 4 times before he started to play his drum set
  • Got his first time out from mommy because he turned and shook his water bottle up and down happily and created the water puddle after being told not to do that several times earlier .. And he was giving mommy what-did-i-do-wrong face to melt mommy's heart but it didn't work
  • Loves broccoli, capsicum, and anything crunchy! That includes kerupuk and kulit ayam KFC! 
  • Loves to play with daddy's basketball. Baller in the making, people!! 
  • Start feeding himself and mommy is more than ready with her old newspapers! Tao' which means taro in Gide's language with his finger pointing to the table on his high chair indication that he wants to eat on his own everytime mommy is going to serve the food for him. Oke lah, bang!   
  • Robocar Poli together with Badanmu are his favorite series 
  • Singing cicak - cicak di dinding while playing with his train set
  • Creating his own car and other creation using mega blocks
  • Like mimicking daddy and mommy
  • Enjoy playing masak - masakan, especially cutting the carrot!
  • Knows how to keep his shoes in the shoe rack
  • Drama can be his middle name with those fake tears that only last less than one minute. Sigh.
  • Getting more and more talkative in his own language which sometimes only God and Gide know HOHOHO .. The guessing game is on!
  • On and off telling mommy that he poo. "Ami, ee!" Koq kesannya kayak ngatain maminya yak?! HAHAHA 
  • Excited everytime daddy comes home from office!
  • "Buku, buku" when he wants mommy and daddy to read for him
  • #anakpasar
  • Highly favored, deeply loved, and greatly blessed! :)


  1. • talked on the phone with Onti Janne
    • called Onti Janne for the 1st time


    Keren Gill masi bs keep track! Gw ud bingung pas bulan ke 15, Jo ud bs A bulan lalu atau baru aja ya.. hahaha

    1. hahaha tadi barusan minta telp sama jojo! ;) sama bilang janne janne, tapi pertamanya gw ga mudeng abis dia bilangnya apa gitu apa ne apa ne .. terus gw bilang onti janne? dia bilang yes jojo ;)


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