A Square Full of Lights

Welcome to Times Square New York City where as far as you can see all gigantic neon boxes and colourful LED lights! Everywhere! Every corner! And of course people! People is everywhere too! People from all over the places from all over the world .. So try your best not to bump to each other which is kinda hard though. But we made it! Oh yeah!! All you need to is just take as much pictures as you want and enjoy the moment or in this case enjoy the light! HOHOHO ..

This is New York with all the hustle and bustle! The city that never sleeps, literally!! Alive, vibrant, and diversity if I have to describe this city in 3 words. It may not be my favorite city but don't mind to go back here .. but wait! Remind me of the 22 hours journey again! HAHAHA .. 

There are so many things to see and do in the Big Apple! Take the free ferry to see the Liberty statue, visit the Chelsea Market, go to the Rockefeller Center and enjoy the view from top, dance in Grand Central for the sake of fun with your loved ones, enjoy the reading room in New York Public Library, get lost, get caught in the rain, ... or better not! Last but least, a trip to the factory outlet maybe?! HOHOHO ..  This post will be the last post of our New York adventure but there are more to come from our East Coast Bound .. So till the next post of our East Coast adventures!

Ps: Can you spot the billboard that advertise our Indonesia? ;)