Funway at Fenway

One of our itineraries when in Boston was visiting this famous Fenway Park, the legendary baseball park that has been home for Boston Red Sox. The one who was excited of course Abang the sport guy. For me, I'm aware of this club and their legendary player such as Babe Ruth, and that's it! The rest was zero! Ya maklum ya, saya ini lebih tertarik menghafal jenis - jenis soto daripada atlet - atlet olahraga HOHOHO .. On the side note, I have to read more! No! Ask more to Abang since he knows lots of things ;)
It was a bright sunny day when we went there and lucky us, we still can managed to join the 10am guided tour after some breeze walking and aiming Popeye on the way there for our lunch. Fyi, we had Boston's Popeyes for two days in a row! It tasted yummier than the one in Singapore .. Nah! We didn't have KFC for this time around HOHOHO ... Just another unimportant information, the Popeyes outlet nearby our house was closed! Boo!!! But thank God KFC is still remain open and it's walkin distance! And finally KFC Singapore is having rice on their menu, .. it's chicken rice btw! 

Anyway, ...

Back to our Fenway Park experience! 

The Fenway Park Tours is a walking tour that last around one hour which guided by their own experienced tour guide, or I may say their own Red Sox hard core fan. Our tour guide was a young man who has been watching the Red Sox since he was a little boy. He knows this place inside out and I'm trying hard absorbing all the information and jokes! HAHAHA .. Being Asian among those American and trying hard to understand their inside joke was tough, but we did it! Yeay! 

The latest fact about this Fenway Park is they're having their own organic garden to grow vegetables for their in-house canteen or whatsoever during the game. Interesting! And economic! Actually we're hoping to catch a game during our visit there so we can experience the excitement and thrill, but too bad it was not the right timing. The season just over, eh or just began .. Ah I have to ask Abang again HOHOHO ... but it was okay! We had fun exploring this place!

Fenway Park checked! Staples Center checked! Santiago Bernabeu Stadium checked! Camp Nou checked! Next, Old Trafford maybe?! Amen!! HAHAHA .. Bisa guling - gulingan si Abang!! But I'm happy to see him happy .. Those fields and stadiums are his kind of Disney experience in my lingo HOHOHO .. 'Till our next adventures! Toodles!