La Douceur Du Foyer

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It's a home sweet home in French! I google it, btw ;) 
When other people are having crazy adventurous different things in their bucket list, mine or should I say ours is to have our own house. A house that we can call home! I know a home is more than just a place, it's where your heart is but having a literally physical house is something that we have been praying about ..

If you ask me what kind of house that I wish for, I always say IKEA catalogue kind of house! Too mainstream?! Oh well, I'm a big fan of something minimalist and clean cut. I admire how space can be maximized despite of the size of the place. I like how things can be organized and stored neatly and another point, looking those pictures in the catalogue always give me the warm and homey feeling. I'm sold to IKEA catalogue! Well done, IKEA team! HOHOHO :) 

And since I'm a mother now, another important thing for our future house is child-proof! I know accident can happen any time but minimizing the chance of it will make my heart beats steadily, safe, and sound. Jantung aku kadang bisa copot mendadak sejak punya anak! HAHAHA ... I'm not talking about those kind of safety guard and gates here and there but it's more to child friendly environment where they can roaming around freely and independently.

We've been contemplating either to buy a condominium or an HDB flat and it still on going until now, and perhaps till the next two years, ... It's simply because we want it to be the best house for us. It's not as easy as buying a joger pants definitely whereby you only contemplating about the colour and sizes HOHOHO .. There are lots of factors that we have in mind, and looking at how the space is getting smaller and smaller these days here in Singapore! Oh dear!! Well, there are always pro and cons choosing between condo or HDB so we better don't rush it .. and some more our residential status still not allow us to have our own HDB. Patience is the key word! 

In my wildest dream, I want to live in an HDB Executive Maisonette or EM for short which is so rare nowadays in Singapore. It's the old type of HDB where you have two stories flat with 3 or 4 rooms! Three rooms will be perfect in our case! I don't mind having four room as well HOHOHO..  I used to live in an EM back then renting a room while looking for a job and I really love that place. There are total of 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms, spacious living room, perfect size kitchen, and a balcony! Wow!! I can imagine myself living there with Abang, Gide, and maybe another kid hehehe .. I can picture how I want to decorate the house! I even can picture myself hosting all the makan sessions for our family and friends! Crossing my fingers!

I won't stop dreaming! And praying for our future house! God knows the best for us!

In a meanwhile, I'm grateful for what we have now. It's a 2 + 1 room flat that can accommodate our current needs. Location wise also perfect! Just nice! Of course, we are limiting ourselves to buy lots of stuffs and furniture since it's going to be quite hassle when it's time to move. Thank God it's a fully furnished place though it's a bit old, and our landlord live next to us and we've been having good relationship with them for the past six years.Nothing to complain about! Currently, I'm busy pinterest-ing! Is there such a word like pinterest-ing?! HAHAHA ... 

One day, I'll be more than happy to share our own house tour post and call it our home. La douceur du foyer! Home sweetest home ..


  1. Sepertinya rumah ala IKEA itu sudah menjadi patokan rumah idaman para keluarga yaa hahaha

    Eniwei, kok sama ya, resolusi tahun ini juga (kalo Tuhan ijinkan) pengen punya rumah sendiri. Sambil menunggu jawaban dari Atas, sambil menghemat dan nggak beli banyak barang biar pindahan nggak ribet hahaha.

    His timing is perfect, good luck for your dream house! (:

    1. hahaha rumah ala IKEA ya ;) wiiii semoga resolusi taon ini tercapai ya, jane!!! :)


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