Mad About Met

One word to describe this museum : Ajubile! Ajubile besarnya! Ajubile ramenya! Ajubile bagusnya! Ajubile koleksinya! Ajubile! I'm talking about that MET, The MET; The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, the largest art museum in the United States. Ajubile jauhnya dari singapur juga! HAHAHA ...
We've been contemplating between visiting Met or American Museum of Natural History which the on the Night At The Museum Movie, .. but finally we chose to visit The MET and we had no regret at all even though I had sore feet exploring this place! Gees!! You can count it as one of your cardio session HAHAHA .. You need to get your ticket when you visit the museum but there is no such thing like fix entrance fee when you come to this place. It's more like donation kind of thing and how generous you are. The museum staff will ask how much you are willing to donate or pay during that day and you just tell them the amount.

If you buy tickets at a museum ticket counter, the amount you pay is up to you. Please be as generous as you can. Suggested admission is $25 for adults, $17 for seniors, $12 for students, and free for Members and children under 12. -

Just like the other museums, the MET is divided into different sections and floors and you have to allocate how much time do you want to spend here, or else you can spend the whole day here. For art lover it must be such a thrill and exciting journey exploring this place, for just the art happy-go-lucky just us, half day is more than enough especially after exploring the Central Park on the bike in the morning. Yeay, it's like our sport kinda' day! HOHOHO ...  

Time allocation checked! First thing first, get your map! Or you'll be lost .. And even we had our map with us, we got a bit lost on that day .. Thanks to the friendly staff who enlightened us! She was more than showing us the way, she showed us by highlighting which sections of this museum that a must go and see! Trust me when  I say their collection is ajubile! Aku keblinger, kak!!

Their collections are form Egyptian art to modern and contemporary art, from Greek and Roman art to arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. They also have European sculpture and decorative arts. All you want to see and learn about art from time to time is here. Again, ajubile it's the word!

You have to experience it by yourself and you will understand how ajubile this place. Even the pictures that I share don't represent 1% of their collection! That ajubile! HOHOHO .. If you got the chance to visit New York, The Met is a must go place. No matter how not artsy you are, you'll be mad about Met!