The Subway and The Broadway

Hello! Another post from our East Coast bound last year. Kindly bear with me while I'm still in progress keeping our travelogue memories and at the same time busy recording things that happen in between ... Again, warm welcome to all of you who are kind enough to visit this blog :)

Talking about New York, there are two things that you need to put on your check list during your visit there; The Subway and The Broadway. They say you'll never experience New York until you ride their subway and watch their theatrical production ... and in my checklist don't forget to try Shake Shack, Chic-Fil-A, and the Halal Guys! Tetep ya makanan HOHOHO :)
The Subway
According to the Wikipedia, The New York City Subway is the largest rapid transit system in the world by number of stations, with 472 stations in operation. You can see it from those small dots all over the subway map. I'm not that fast in reading and understanding a map be it a road map or subway map or whatever map and thank God for my personal tour guide Abang who is a map expert if I may say! *wink*. I'm more to ask-here-and-there type of person and I think that's one of the reasons we make good travel companion. We compliment each other! Tsah!! Fyi, the subway opens 24/7 trough out the year that make this subway as one of the busiest subway in the world. Kreji lah!! 

Based on our experience, knowing your stop and whether you're going upper or lower side is important in order for you not to take the wrong lane. The second most important thing is having a numb nose! Or in my case, having my minyak telon with me all the time. Jen has warned me about the smell before but you have to experience it yourself HAHAHA ... Not that bad in some areas but it can be that bad on the others. Once we experienced this homeless guy that smell like &*%$!!! when he entered the corridor. I didn't meant to be rude but I literally wanted to vomit when he passed by, but somehow there's a compassion that snuggled in my heart hoping that he'll have a better life someday ... 

We also experienced train break down which us made taking bus on that day and not to forget enjoying the subway entertainment by those guys who was able to move around here and there in such as a small space, you know like watching those scene from Step Up HAHAHA ... We mostly use public transportation everytime we travel including exploring NYC and in my overall experience the subway is the best option to commute here and there looking how the traffic up there. You can even get to the city from the airport using the subway. It's another experience that we keep in our heart!

The Broadway
Aladdin, The Lion King, School of Rock, The Book of Mormon, Chicago, Wicked, On Your Feet, The Phantom of Opera, Hamlet... you name it! They have it all! It feels like watching each one of them every night. Ngarep abis!! The theaters are everywhere in the Theater District .. Laff laff laff!

We were having galau moment choosing between three options of School of Rock, Hamlet, and Chicago! And as you can see from my instagram, we watched Chicago. Another bucket list was checked! Yeay!! They say it's the longest theater production ever that had been playing in the Broadway. Both me and Abang love theater production so it's a must thing to do to watch Broadway when we're in NYC! My verdict was fantastic! Awesome! Aaaaaaaaa .. I was smiling ear to ear!

They're so professional! Ya hello!! HAHAHAHA ...
Once I involved in musical project during my college year and yes the theme was Chicago .. Nah! I didn't play the Velma Kelly or Roxy Heart role. I just one of the dancers back then. Somehow watching so called the real Chicago gave me a thrill and bring back all the good memories during that day .. All that jazz!!!!

If you're planning to watch the Broadway, you better book your ticket in advance, or if you're jenggo enough you can just come on the night itself but I don't guarantee you'll get seat. Dress code wise, you don't have to really dress up like the old times. Jeans and sneakers are okay :)

The Subway and The Broadway of NYC! Looking forward to share more stories from our East Coast Bound ... Masih banyak sis! HAHAHA .. Cerita jalan - jalan ke Disneyworld aja beloman sama sekali, where you forced your husband to take picture with Elsa and Anna! HAHAHAHA ... In the meantime, we're planning another trip in and this time Gide is coming with us! Wohooo ;)


  1. bagus ya chicago? emang seru ya nonton broadway. gua udah pernah 2 kali nonton di LA. tapi kalo nonton langsung di broadway nya pasti rasanya lebih gimana gitu ya... :D

    1. bagus menurut gw!! beda banget sama movie, movie kan glam banget, kalo yang versi broadway simple banget tapi dapet semuanya gitu! efek bedanya karena ini nonton di broadway nya kali ya hehehe ... tapi ga bisa nih kalo bawa andrew sama emma, lama jelasinnya hahahaha :D

    2. setelah gw pikir, kayaknya gw salah jawab pertanyaan loe ya hahaha ... efek nonton di "broadway" nya kali ya yang bikin berasanya bagus banget! sekian ralat dari saya ;)


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