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The Nananas Bangkok Story: BANGKOK WITH TODDLER

It's been two weeks from our first family trip and we want more! Despite of all the hiccups and encokness having a toddler around, we were having quite a good time in Bangkok! And Gide is mastering his Sawadeekap and Kapunkap!! ;)

Pastel Palette

Another #OOTD shot just because #MAMAYUKERO needs to channel her inner Adriana Lima! Ngarep abis, sis! HAHAHA ... Ya ijinkan saya mengabadikan momen - momen lumayan kece yang tidak berbanding lurus dengan kaos belel dan celana kowor! Terus biar terus eling kalo itu pipi, lengan dan kawan - kawan masih musti diseset! *wink* 

Talking Toddler

"Gill, do you speak english or bahasa to him?" 
"Gill, Gide diajarin bahasa apa?"
"Biasa pake bahasa inggris apa indo?"

Lalu dijawab seenak udel sama emaknya, bahasa kalbu! HAHAHA ...


Ada satu idiom yang mengatakan bahwa ada 4 hal yang tidak bisa ditarik kembali; batu seletelah dilempar, kata - kata setelah diucapkan, kesempatan setelah terlewati, dan waktu setelah berlalu. And I coudn't agree more with that, especially about time!

And guess what my baby is already 20 months now!! *insert muka panik tapi terharu* ;)

Melancong Ke Singapura

Maraknya harga tiket promo, jarak yang deket, dan banyaknya harpitnas di endonesa bikin Singapura jadi salah satu tujuan wisata paporit. Udah jadi rahasia umum juga kalo hari libur Orchard itu penuh sama orang indo HOHOHO ... Nah! Izinkan saya menjadi orang yang ke 3.876.927 buat share sedikit serba - serbi melancong ke Singapura! Edisi #MAMAYUKERO ;)

Million Shades of Glitters

Life can give you fifty, hundred even thousands shades of grey but we worry not because we have our million shades of glitters, our own superhero, Daddy!! It's already two day pass since your birthday but allow us to say it again out loud ..

That's What I Like

Sejak jadi #MAMAYUKERO, baju kebangsaan saya berkisar di celana dan atasan aja, dan biasanya modelnya ga jauh - jauh dari itu aja. Nah! Taon ini salah satu resolusi saya itu mau cari baju yang lebih variatif modelnya. Fashion resolution gitu ceritanya! Banyak gaya bener yak!! Boleh donk ya HOHOHO ..

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Tips #6 Put enough in your carry-on bags for the first day or 2 of your trip This is a good advice for anyone but especially when traveling with kids. If your bags are lost, you don’t want to be hunting for diapers or a pair of shorts immediately after your arrival in a new city or country -

Universal Orlando Resort: ISLAND OF ADVENTURES

All of us know that life is about choices and making decision and I was having a tough moment again in choosing between Island of Adventures or Universal Studios Florida. Argh! And it's all because The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in both parks which by now all of you might already know which one did I choose looking from the title above ..

Walt Disney World: MAGIC KINGDOM

The journey continues! Our second day in Orlando and it's the time to visit Magic Kingdom! First impression, alamak ruamenya!! Crazily crowded! It's like double from the EPCOT ... And Mr Sun somehow was showing his best performance on that day! Bring it on!! 

Walt Disney World: EPCOT

Every person come out tired! That's what people say about the acronym of EPCOT and indeed it was a tiring yet fun day! Started our day exploring the Future World East area by experienced NASA-styled training in a simulator spaceship in Mission: SPACE and designed our own virtual vehicle and had it test on Test Trek circuit. After which, we continued to explore the West area and had fun in The Seas with Nemo and Friends and taking pictures with Baymax too! Explore the different countries and experienced their culture and tradition too! Coming to the end of the day we made a deal breaker by coming back to the Future World West and queued up for Soarin ride! One word, amazing! We love EPCOT!!! 

Walt Disney World Out and About

People say it's the happiest place on earth! While other say you'll never be to old to go to Disneyland! Frankly speaking, in my 20s I would say I couldn't agree more with them, but coming to my 30s it's getting 50 - 50 .. Faktor U berbicara di sini! Umur dan Uang! HAHAHA .. But again, if I'm given a chance, I will be more than happy to explore all the Disneyland in the world. Jiah! Gimana ini?! Koq labil bener yak?! Ya emang saya orangnya suka labilan gitu HAHAHA ..


We spent a wonderful three days in Boston! It's not as vibrant and fancy as NYC but stepping in to this city gave me the warm homey feeling. I'm sold! Growing up in Jakarta and now living in this little red dot, I may say that Boston is the combination of that two somehow! Let me think the best phrase to describe it .. Busy but not that busy! HAHAHA .. I have no idea if that phrase is the right one to describe this city. Wishfully I will have a chance to visit and explore this city more .. and I hope by that time come you'll stay the same .. or even more lovable! Big thanks to our lovely tour guide Ella for showing and driving us around. Thank you for having us, B! And yes, you got me! Bull's eye!!