Can't Stop Won't Stop

Tips #6
Put enough in your carry-on bags for the first day or 2 of your trip
This is a good advice for anyone but especially when traveling with kids. If your bags are lost, you don’t want to be hunting for diapers or a pair of shorts immediately after your arrival in a new city or country -

As we promised to ourselves, last year was the last round for us to travel as a duo and this year Gide will be joining the troop which is going to make us a trio! I like that idea!  If you ask me, I'm excited yet nervous at the same time! #dasaremakdrama ;)

I know some family, friends, and other people have brought their kids for traveling since young age. I even saw parents brought their newborn to Disney World! I freaked out! I swear it's a newborn, looking at how tiny he was. Pardon the Asianess in me, but I can't imagine myself or my baby in that situation. Mendadak migren!! But again, anakku bukan anakmu! Your child, your rules, our child our rules. And for Gide, we decided to start bringing him with us this year. Bolak balik pulang ke Jakarta sama jalan - jalan ke Bandung ga masuk itungan soalnya! HOHOHO ... 

In our family, we have this so called tradition to travel twice in a year! usually plan for two holidays, big one and small one. By the grace of God, for the past six years in our marriage we managed to travel here and there and conquered all the five continents, not including Alaska! HAHAHA ... Thanks to my dearest husband for his passion in exploring the world. This year is going to be the same as well. We are planning to do the same thing with our little one *crossingfingers*

"Gimana nih Gee?! Siap kamu 11 jam di pesawat bawa Gide?!"
"Iya! Siap!"
"Yakin bisa!!"
"Ga usah muluk - muluk deh ya, yang deketan dulu aja kali ya"
"Errrrr .. iya deh!"

Loh?! Koq mundur teratur?! HAHAHA .. That's a pinch of our conversations earlier this year when deciding which country should we go. Iya saya tau! Maminya terlalu ambisius maen iya - iya aja 11 jam! Belom pernah ngerasain suka belagu emang! HAHAHA ... By today we have set our planning for this year, set the destinations, allocate all the leaves, and again it's only by grace of God we can fulfill our plan. Amen! 

Our first official family trip will start this week!! Yeay!! It's going to be Daddy's birthday trip as well! Ga! Bukan 11 jam! 5 jam juga engga koq! Ini yang penerbangan dua jam saja HOHOHO ... Kalo kata bapaknya, ibarat mau beli mobil ini semacam test drive dulu. Ticket checked! Hotel checked! Itinerary checked! Can't stop, won't stop! Maju tak gentar mau pergi jalan - jalan!! *wink*

Our traveling style is not going to be the same anymore, will be much more rempong I guess but hey we're creating memories here! And just like Lilo said, Ohana means family, .. and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten! :)


  1. Traveling bersama anak membuat gue makin belajar gimana caranya membuat segala sesuatu jadi seringkes mungkin :)

  2. haha iya mulai yang deket2 aja dulu ya... have fun!

    1. iya jangan muluk2 ya! thanks man! btw, ada loh dulu ex parents gw bawa anaknya ke NYC .. 23 jam saja! aku mau pingsan dengernya!!

  3. Hehehe baca ini sambil senyum-senyum. Seru ya traveling sama anak. Walaupun aku masih amatir ;p Ditunggu cerita liburan2 selanjutnya :D

    1. Ya sebelas dua belas lah kita, masih amatir juga! HOHOHO .. Seru tapi rempong ya hahaha, ... cheers to more holiday with kids :)


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