Million Shades of Glitters

Life can give you fifty, hundred even thousands shades of grey but we worry not because we have our million shades of glitters, our own superhero, Daddy!! It's already two day pass since your birthday but allow us to say it again out loud ..


We're more than grateful to have you as a loving father and husband. We pray for enlargement of capacity in whatever you do; family, workplace, ministry. As we said in our prayer, may the Lord reveal Himself even more in your daily life and make you shine brighter! Yes!! The phrase of shine bright like a diamond applies to you as well since you are our precious one! For always being the best version of you each and every day, we cherish you!

We know how work can stress you up but you being you always try your best to make time for us. Thank you for asking "Gee sama Gide udah makan? Makan apa hari ini?" every single day! Small things that really warm our heart, knowing that someone really care for us. For always putting us in your top priority, we thank you! 

We are proud to have someone who is trying hard in remembering all the nursery rhymes lyrics. And from mommy's side, thank you for selflessly sharing your chicken skin even though you like it so much. For always being our role model, we adore you!

Again, blessed birthday our dear Daddy! We love you so much! Kalo pake bahasanya Gide, awu!!! ;)