Pastel Palette

Another #OOTD shot just because #MAMAYUKERO needs to channel her inner Adriana Lima! Ngarep abis, sis! HAHAHA ... Ya ijinkan saya mengabadikan momen - momen lumayan kece yang tidak berbanding lurus dengan kaos belel dan celana kowor! Terus biar terus eling kalo itu pipi, lengan dan kawan - kawan masih musti diseset! *wink* 

Five13the label top / Uniqlo joger pants / Marc Jacobs flats

I decided to have some feminine touch by playing with pastel colour. I was wearing my pastel joger pants which combined with an asymmetric white top to create this look. I really like the colour combination, giving you the girly yet chic vibe in my opinion. Most of all, it's super comfy! Penting!! :)

As for the accessorize, I wore a white tassel earring from my current fave label, Cela The Label. Should take another zoom in shot for this cutie. To be honest, I was having a doubt moment whether I'll be able to wear my accessorize collection again. You know, accessorize and kid are not really in a good term most of the times but I think my boy starting to know his mother inside out and aware that his mom can't live without accessorize. Eventually, he'll point it out and play with it and mommy just need to tell him that this little thing called earrings and meant to be "stuck" on my ear no matter what! He got the point! Well done, baby!! Proud of you! :)

I was teaching Gide this new song called "Naughty Pussy Cat" and he's been memorizing it well and we decided to recite the song together while Tante Roma busy taking our pictures. That's what a smart mom do, reciting the song and at the same time ask your friend to capture it! Aha! You got tons of nice pictures with your son! Learning can take place everywhere and anytime, including while your mommy is trying to take some #OOTD shots! HAHAHA ..

So what's your colour palette this week?! I'm thinking something dark like black or navy for this weekend after having this pastel mood! Black on black perhaps?! We'll see #mamisukalabil ;)

In a meanwhile here are the lyrics of our newest collaboration ;)

Naughty pussy cat! .. Urgh 
(cross your arms)
You are very fat! Urgh
(hands on the waist)
You got butter on your whiskers
(fingers on your face making whiskers)
Naught pussy cat
(mimicking the cat sound)


  1. Gayaaaaaa mu, tong!
    So cute!

    and btw, outfit mu - aku syukaaaa!

    1. si ntong emang banyak gayanya! hohoho .. makasih kakaknya ;) HHOHOHOHOH


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