Universal Orlando Resort: ISLAND OF ADVENTURES

All of us know that life is about choices and making decision and I was having a tough moment again in choosing between Island of Adventures or Universal Studios Florida. Argh! And it's all because The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in both parks which by now all of you might already know which one did I choose looking from the title above ..

Some of you must be wondering why we didn't go for both parks instead of choosing one only since we're there already. Ya begitulah! Sekali lagi hidup itu soal pilihan. We went trough the rides in Universal Studios Florida and it was similar with the others universal studios in LA and here in Singapore. So IOA was the chosen one!! Padahal saya pengen ke Diagon Alley juga!!! Agak licik emang nih si Universal, kalo mau ke Diagon Alley yang ada di USF dari Hogsmeade IOA musti naek Hogwart Express dan itu artinya harus punya tiket ke dua - duanya. Haish!!

Highlights of the trip of course the one and only Hogsmeade! Merinding disko pas sampe sana! Kayak aaaaaaaaa aku ada di Hogsmeade!!! HAHAHA .. Tema di sana tuh ceritanya winter walo kenyatannya pas kita pergi panas mentereng aje. Salut bener sama mereka yang all out sampe pake kostum segala dan muter - muter dalam keadaan nyelekep. Demi bener ya! Saya pecinta Harry Potter yang pelit. Beli baju ga mau, beli magic wand ga mau juga, beli butter beer juga ga ... Inget pampers, kak!! HAHAHA 

Saya rasanya bahagia bener loh di sini! HAHAHA ... Apalagi pas sampe ke depan Hogwarts! It's like dream come true. Hari ini Hogwarts nilainya melambung tinggi melewati Cinderella Castle HOHOHO .. Another plus point, crowdnya bener - bener bersahabat. Kita udah pikir bakal ngantri lama nih buat Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, makanya begitu sampe langsung ngibrit kesana dulu. Pas sampe tetep harus ngantri tapi oke banget, like we following the line and everything took us around 30 minutes! Yeay!! And the most important thing Abang suka since he's not really a big fan of those crazy ride like roller coaster and friends! 

Another highlights of the day was Seuss Landing .. A contradict to Hogsmeade, in Seuss Landing all things are bright and colorful. If you read Dr Seuss series, you'll know those unique and whimsical characters and they all are there. To be honest, this area is meant to be for kids! But hey, we're kids at heart so we really had a great time playing Caro-Seuss-el and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and enjoying the story of The Cat in the Hat. It was totally a blast!! *grin*

This IOA post will be the last one from our East Coast Trip series! Forever grateful for this opportunity. We were having fun and at the same time missing our bundle of joy so much! #lifeasparents HOHOHO .. See you next time in our adventures .. and this time around Gide will be joining us! Yeay!! Toodles! :)