We spent a wonderful three days in Boston! It's not as vibrant and fancy as NYC but stepping in to this city gave me the warm homey feeling. I'm sold! Growing up in Jakarta and now living in this little red dot, I may say that Boston is the combination of that two somehow! Let me think the best phrase to describe it .. Busy but not that busy! HAHAHA .. I have no idea if that phrase is the right one to describe this city. Wishfully I will have a chance to visit and explore this city more .. and I hope by that time come you'll stay the same .. or even more lovable! Big thanks to our lovely tour guide Ella for showing and driving us around. Thank you for having us, B! And yes, you got me! Bull's eye!! 

When in Boston, ...
Stroll around the city
From the Boston Public Garden to the library. From Boston Common to Trinity Church and Copley Square ..

Enjoy the seafood at The Daily Catch
The calamari was yummy! The pasta was amazing! And most and foremost, the lobster was awesome! It was such a yummy yummy in my tummy moment!! There are two outlets of The Daily Catch and we went to the bigger one since the queue at the the main outlet was crazy. 2 hours!! Faint!

Search for the light!
It's like finding hidden gem in the middle of the city during your night strolling! Don't ask me where since we just following Ella blindly! HAHAHA ...

Say hello to John Harvard!
... and don't forget to touch his shoes! Or you can rub it as hard as you want HOHOHO .. It's a mandatory thing to do if you made it to Harvard or if you're willing to enroll yourself or maybe your kids in the future! They say it will give bring you a good luck. We did too! For fun of course!!

Find this hidden gem!
Another yummy in my tummy moment in this Thai restaurant, or should I say stall since it's very small. As far as I can remember there were only four tables in total including ours. But the door was keep opening as people are taking away the food! Make sure you order one bowl of tom yum each! It was so fresh and authentic!!

Last but not least, ..

Have a shopping spree at Primark ;) 
Our happy place! We thought we gonna' find it in NYC but we're totally wrong! It's opening soon but so far they only have it in Boston right now. It's the H&M type of shop where you can buy those daily casual outfits with good price. They're selling kids' tee only for $3 .. dan emaknya pun kalap!! HAHAHA

See you when I see you, Boston! Aiming to dine at Giacomo Restorante if I have a chance to come and visit you again! :)