The (not so) Little Black Dress

They said one of the must have item in a woman's closet is an LBD, little black dress! And there will be always a perfect little black dress for everyone. Oh well, in my case it's not little since I'm wearing L size! Little dari mananya, Kak?! Aku sih bongsor! HAHAHA .. Long black dress fits better I guess! HOHOHO ..

I do have some LBDs in my closet with different style and length and I agree that LBD is timeless and easy to be mix and match with everything. This particular dress that I wear in this picture is one of my favorite. Semua favorit sih sebenernya! HAHAHA ... I've been having this dress like forever. I usually remember where I got my clothes from but this one I really can't recall. Oh no! Faktor U!!!!!

Anyway, I decided to pair this black dress with a small belt, loose denim jacket, and my sunshine espadrilles. The good thing about this long dress is you still can run here and there catching your little one without being worry having wardrobe malfunction moment. Iya donk, pernah pake dress yang lumayan pendek akhirnya jadi ribet sendiri! Iya saya tipe bukibuk yang suka jumpalitan! Pemain sirkus kali ya ini maminya! HAHAHA ..

As always, Gide is there to be mommy's sidekick during the #OOTD shot. Mejeng forever lah temanya! HOHOHO ... Thank Aunty Becky for taking our pictures! Sarangheo!! Btw, how's the weather in your place? Singapore has been raining for the past one week and lucky we have indoor laundry space, baca: jemuran! Kalo ga bisa pusing pala mami yak! Weekend is coming and hopefully everybody will be having a great one! Fyi, we are going back to indo soon too! Yeay!! Kangen bubur Pak Heri sama mie Asui! Nyam nyam ;)

Unbranded dress, denim jacket, belt / Steve Maden espadrilles


  1. Abang gide keren banget siih.. kalo maminya? Ehm no komen ah, ntr geer lagi wkwkwk

    1. koq kamu gitu sih?! aku kan juga mau dipuji HAHAHAHA .. axel gemesin bangetttttttttt!!!!! mau onti uwel2 :)


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