The Patch Squad

Patch what?! Embroidered patches are back in trend and we decided to join the craze! Shall we just call it the patch trend?! I like how it sounds! Adding patches is fun and it gives you another way to flavor up your outfit. Or in my case, my boring white tee!

White tee is one of my favorite fashion item ever! It's always a good idea when you're running out of idea .. and time!! And it's even better when you can personalize it by having some patches on it. Do you know that patches also enable you to express your style and personality .. And do you know what's make it best this time?! We're having another mom and son twinning session! #twinningwithmybae HOHOHO ;)

Can you spot the cute cactus patch on our tee?! Me likey likey so much!! We got our personalized tee from faiththelabel and I want more! HAHAHA .. Go check them out! I was having a hard time choosing which patch should I chose and should I just put one patch or some patches?! At the end I decided to go with this greeny cactus and paired our tee with folded jeans and flats! Loafer to be precised for Gide! ... And now I'm thinking to get another one for daddy! The patches family!! 

Cactus Tee from faiththelabel / H&M jeans on Gide and mommy  / Old Navy flats on mommy

My sister was saying, "Kak ini kenapa gayanya musti pegangin rambut semua sih?! Gaya andelan gitu?!" To be honest, it's just a trick since I had not enough time to style my hair. So yeah, gaya keramas it is! Strategi kalo buat mati gaya juga sih! HAHAHA ;)

A gentle reminder not to go over the top with this trend and keep the rest of your outfit simple to make it stand out! .. but hey! Who cares?! You can have all the patches as many as you like, just be confident and be a super star or super patch HOHOHO .. Care to join the squad?!


  1. haha iya ya gayanya semua megangin rambut.... :P

    1. hahaha iya, coba ntar suruh emma praktekin juga dengan rambut sunsilknya itu :)


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