Ending March With A Roar!

We were having a roaring good time at Children's Festival: Dye-nosaur Gardens at Garden By The Bay yesterday! Errr, at least Gide had one! It's another last minute visit before the festival is over but it's better late than never .. And we had daddy came along with us straight from the office! Yeay!! The Nanana are ready for some roaring adventures! Btw, dino does roar right?! HAHAHA ;)

Singapore weather has been galau for the past few days including yesterday. It was raining for the whole day and I was very discourage that we're going to make it ..but we made it finally! Yeay yeay yeay!!! It stopped at the point of time we were about to go out! Iya aku mah pede jaya udah siap - siap dulu pake mascara sama eyeliner! HAHAHA ..

As one of the most top tourist destinations, GBTB is always full with people from everywhere. Forever and ever I really salute to all those people who can dress up super vavavoom with full makeup and looking prime and proper all the time! Me?! Don't ask! Baru sampe aja udah pliket keringetan! Gobyos poll!!! Fyi, I was wearing a normal tee and shorts on that day! But lepek can't stop us from having fun!!

There are lots of activities you can do with your little ones like doing art and crafts and play some games, even they have storytelling session but since we came during night time and our aim just to walk around and "searching" for some dinosaurs so we passed all the activities. 

Gide was quite scared looking at the big dino at the first time! He kept saying, "Ga papa ga papa!" Kayak malu - malu tapi mau gitu deh! Disuruh jalan maunya mandek di situ ngeliatin dino-nya tapi harus tetep nempel sama kita, tapi kayak seneng juga! Mulai belajar galau nih anak! HAHAHA ... We did ride on the choo choo train too on that night and I think that was another highlight for him as he kept mentioning on the way home ... All I can say it was a round of fun! For three of us! Ending March with a roar and ... hello April! Looking forward for more adventures with my little family! 


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