When Life (doesn't) Give You Lemon,

Instead it gives you paint ..

So, why don't you take your paint brush, mix the colour, and create your own master piece! Booya!

You may clueless at the first time, not knowing what to do. Once you get used to it, you'll have fun with it though it leaves some stain here and there! But hey, you still can clean up the mess! Some stain need longer time to be washed up but some will just go off easily. 

Same with life.

When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you an get up. Let your reason get you back up! That's what Les Brown said and I agree with this monsieur. 

I remember once Abang shared with us about his colleague who joined the Ironman triathlon at Dubai. Swimming, cycling, and running continuously. Aku ngebayanginnya aja udah pengen panggil mbok pijit duluan, kakak! Iya saya cupu lah! HAHAHA ... 

He asked his colleague what made him able to finish the race coz it's like super tiring especially the last part when you have to run for don't know how long. Oh well, actually you know what's the length but in the real life situation it seems like forever. His colleague replied, "In the moment when you feel lie quitting, cheer other people up! Cheer those who are competing with you! Like we almost there! You can do it! You're doing good! Keep on moving and cheering other people! That's how I completed the race"




Bijaksana abis! When I heard that I was like wow! Shifting the focus! Instead of focusing on me, myself, and I .. and got caught up in our own scenario, why don't we shift our focus and completed the race together! I know life can be so damn nasty!! But instead of focusing and feeling pity to ourselves, why don't we change the focus!! I'm talking this to myself as well!

I know! It's always and forever always been easier to said than be done but why don't we give it a try! For me, I think I'll choose to mix some blue with white so I can get a baby blue colour! Or mixing yellow and red to get an orange! Maybe I'll mix all the colours and create an abstract painting! Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah!!! Semangat semuanya! #YOLO! :)


  1. Very inspiring kakak! So true. Baca postingan ini di saat lagi lelah sama motherhood. Padahal baru seumur jagung ya haha. Cupu abis. Jadi here i am semangatin sesama pejuang. Semangat kakak! We can do it! Hahahaha. *elap keringat *tarik nafas menyambut sleepless night

    1. semangat mama axel! inget aja sama bunga bunga sakura dan ramen! HAHAHA .. kamu bisaaaaaaaa *sambil nyuci botol minum* ;)


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