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"Rai, bazaar geylang udah mulai!"
"Yuk yuk kapan?! Kali ini aku mau pake celana pendek!"
"Kapok ya kesana pake baju kerja?"
"Beuh! Lepek bener!"

"Minggu depan kali ya .. Terus pas si papa mami ke sini bisa ajakin ke sana juga"
"Iya boleh"

Tok tok tok! Bersamaan dengan mulainya bazaar Ramadhan taonan di Geylang Serai artinya bulan puasa secara resmi dimulai. Ga berasa ya udah mau lebaran lagi! Saya sendiri ga merayakan lebaran tapi sepupu - sepupu saya ada yang merayakan. Pokoknya saya mah tetep ikut semangat kalo udah mau lebaran, salah satunya ya gara - gara ada si bazaar itu HOHOHO .. 

#21/52: Life Between Boxes

... And we're back online!
Life has been crazily fun and tired lately! For the past few weeks we've been living between the boxes because we decided to become an East-sider! Still in Singapore, although Manhattan would be fancy but we still keep our feet grounded in this little red dot ;)
After living in the West area for forever we could ever remember, moving to the East is totally a game changer in our life! Ya walopun kata orang singapur cuma sejengkalan tangan tapi tetep aja kalo selama ini cuma ngubek - ngubeknya di situ doank begitu ke tempat baru berasa keder juga. Terus jangan tanya soal packing dan unpackingnya gimana!
"Throw throw throw" is the magic word! Ulangi bersama saya, "throw throw throw" HAHAHA

Librarydate #2: THE PLAZA

Our librarydate continues!

Librarydate #1: MY TREE HOUSE

After staying at home for almost two weeks, finally we managed to breath some fresh air and our destination was Central Public Library! Actually it was Daddy's idea! He sent WA messages whether we wanted to join him to the library during his lunch time. A date to the library?! No need to think twice to say yes!! Yes yes yes!! :)

(don't) Let It Go

Nope! I'm not talking about those Frozen thingy, though I can't deny their song was a mega hit and going gaga all over the world! And you know what, even last week I still saw this Elsa's dress was being sold at pasar malam in our neighbourhood! IKR! Crazy!!!
That's the one I want to talk about! A person's moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as guide to one's behaviour
You know, that soft little voice inside your heart.
When we were a kid, we learnt about right or wrong from our parents, our caregiver, people surround us. As we're getting older, we learned that there's this thing called conscience. We get it by default btw! No choice! Everyone of us was born with it. I have one and so do you!
As you know, life is about making choices. It goes the same way with your conscience. You can choose to listen and follow or ignore it, let it go, or even kill it! And every choices you make come with a consequences. Good ones and bad ones…