(don't) Let It Go

Nope! I'm not talking about those Frozen thingy, though I can't deny their song was a mega hit and going gaga all over the world! And you know what, even last week I still saw this Elsa's dress was being sold at pasar malam in our neighbourhood! IKR! Crazy!!!


That's the one I want to talk about!
A person's moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as guide to one's behaviour

You know, that soft little voice inside your heart.

When we were a kid, we learnt about right or wrong from our parents, our caregiver, people surround us. As we're getting older, we learned that there's this thing called conscience. We get it by default btw! No choice! Everyone of us was born with it. I have one and so do you!

As you know, life is about making choices. It goes the same way with your conscience. You can choose to listen and follow or ignore it, let it go, or even kill it! And every choices you make come with a consequences. Good ones and bad ones! Again, you decide!

Do you know that conscience inside of you can be God's way to communicate with you? Yes, I'm still talking about that soft little voice! I believe, the more you have personal intimate relationship with God, the more you can hear it ... even at its softest sound. You know exactly what He's trying to say to you! Vice versa, the more you take it as granted, you'll loose it! Boom! The next thing, you'll become clueless and trying to create your own rules, your own justification!


My dear friend, let us never ever ignore and let it go!