Librarydate #1: MY TREE HOUSE

After staying at home for almost two weeks, finally we managed to breath some fresh air and our destination was Central Public Library! Actually it was Daddy's idea! He sent WA messages whether we wanted to join him to the library during his lunch time. A date to the library?! No need to think twice to say yes!! Yes yes yes!! :)

One of my favorite parts living in Singapore is their libraries! Yup! It's everywhere! We have one library near our place and the plus point it's located inside the mall. Killing two birds with one stone, eh! HOHOHO .. I don't know how about you but seeing all those books in the shelves give me a warm feeling inside my heart. Even by looking at the photos give me a happy feeling! To be honest, I don't read as much as I used to do but I surely have to go back on track again. Promise!! 

I shared in my previous post that as much as we love book, we don't buy books for Gide. Yup! We borrow them from the library. Cultivating a good habit going to the library. First, you have a good reason and place to spend your day, to move about! Second, save space! And money too! Living with kids teaches us that space is so damn precious! HOHOHO ..  Furthermore, we are trying to infuse the value of being responsible. There are much more! Bottom line, we are blessed surrounded by so many books! For more information about the public libraries, go and check their website here 

Gide has showing more interest in books in this stage of age and it's adorable to see children absorbing all the information given. On the other hand, we; adults should be more careful and mindful. The copy everything! Monkey see, monkey do!! 

Back to our library date with Daddy, the one we visited was the Central Public Library at Bugis. If you happen to visit Singapore, you can put this place in your list perhaps. Their children section which is called My Tree House has been re-open again after some renovations. It's the world's first green library for kids. If you scroll up a bit and look at the second picture where Gide were holding hands with Daddy, it's the entrance to this designated area. Isn't it cool?! 

Daddy didn't spend that much time with us since he had to go back to the office but we definitely had our own sweet time exploring the library. We managed to bring and read some books at the Tree House.
The Tree House was conceptualised and placed right in the middle of this special library for a definite purpose. The imaginary roots of the tree, represented by the colours of the carpets, extend towards the various bookshelves all around. A deeply “rooted” foundation aids the growing mind and the “shooting” process reflects the cultivation of the mind to its fullest potential.
We also watched some audio books, playing around with The Weather Cloud, not to mention running around the shelves and playing hide and seek with mommy! We did it with our indoor voice, btw! Errr, at least we tried!! HOHOHO ..

I actually attempted to take some #OOTD shots since he's wearing his orange shoes! Yeah! Mission accomplished! Trying to take some wefies too but just forget it. It didn't happen as I wanted to! I know I supposed to sit nicely to read the books but the vibrant of this place just gave me idea to take some editorial shots! Gaya loe tong editorial shots! HAHAHA

Cheers for more librarydate in the future!! ;)

There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all. —Jacqueline Kennedy


  1. MUPENGGGGG~ buku-buku anaknya buanyak banget ci!

    Seneng yah kalo di luar sana perpusnya sangat memadai. Yakin banget bakal spending whole day with Josh kalo di sana hihi. Gide serius amat baca bukunya (:

    1. hiihih iya seru kalo liat buku2nya ;)
      hahah Gide emang suka acting sok serius gitu, tante :)

  2. Demen gue ama foto kedua terakhir! Model banget dah!

    1. hahaha pas candid bagus! abis itu kejar2an di library :)


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