Librarydate #2: THE PLAZA

Our librarydate continues!

The National Library Building has an open area called The Plaza at the ground floor with a cafe, large staged area for events, and internal street connecting North Bridge Road and Victoria Street. This area, which is accessible to the public 24 hours a day, promises to be a hive of activity for the community.

So there we were!

The Plaza!

After throwing ourselves to all the books, we decided to go out and enjoy the big space. At first, I thought this little fella would knock out and let me had my me-time reading some books but apparently his energy level was still high! So let's burnt those calories!

Kids and open space are equals to super happiness!

Initially I wanted to go back early but looking at him enjoying the space, I decided to stay and guess what we stayed there literally almost one full day. Yup!! We waited for daddy to finish his work and spent some more time before he went off for another meeting in church.

This little guy is truly and extrovert! He was there waving hello to people, walking up and down the stairs, and not to forget having his first ever solo concert! He just went there, having his own moment, and song of the day was baby shark! Yes the one with the doo doo doo!! I heard that song came out from his little mouth like zillion times and still I enjoy every seconds of it! Mommy is always going to be your number one fan!! Go Gide! Go Gide!

Have you read or heard an idiom saying dance like nobody watching?! He's living that idiom to the fullest! HAHAHA .. 

Physically, I was sleepy but my heart was full of joy! #soblessedicantcontainit :)

We had fun eating the chocolate cookies, talking nonsense to each other, singing songs, taking tons of pictures, and it's time to go home finally. After meeting daddy, we boarded on the bus and in no time he fell asleep. Another memories to be kept in our heart and mind! Don't grow up too fast, baby! I mean it! Mommy really mean it!! Super duper really mean it!! Woof you!! :)


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