#26/52: Inhale Exhale

H E L L O!

Oh hi there! Reporting that I'm still breathing and alive! And it feels good to let my fingers dancing on the keyboard after all this while. Where should I start?! June is coming to the end, and the past one month had been one of the busiest days ever. I can hardly sit and breathe! Hoping high that all these errands shed some fat in me! Ngarep abis!! Pake banget!! 

Started from our house moving and settling with our new nest, family and friends that came back to back, attending conference, going for playdates, finding my way to Shengsiong, exploring the east side with bicycle, having my first sharing session in our youth community, scouting schools, and last but not least preparing Gide's birthday bash! Yes! We decided to throw a small celebration to our little gentleman that caused him smiling ear to ear and can't stop saying and singing edei nyunyu (happy birthday to you) ... 

Whatever that makes you happy, baby!!!


Engga juga sih!! Tergantung itu apa dulu!! HAHAHA .. All I can say having and living with a toddler that just turned two years old is getting more challenging! Physically and emotionally!! 

He's getting more active! Sebentar mau digandeng, sebentar mau jalan nini (sendiri), sebentar mau makan sendiri, eh hari berikutnya "Ami apin (mami suapin)" .. And it's just the beginning! Belom lagi sibuk ya minta buka kulkas, minta makan bakso, ntar minta roti coklat. Oh yes, the "apa" phase is still going on and by now he add "nih". I have no idea where he picked this thing from so instead of asking "ini apa" he will ask, "apa nih" with that Malay accent! Budak melayu betol nih satu! HAHAHA ..

One more! Nowadays, he also like to add "donk" at the end of his sentence or word without knowing how to use it properly. I know I know, monkey see monkey do! "Kuikuit (biscuit) donk" .. 

I should expect more nonsense in the future! HOHOHO

I told you earlier I did find Shengsiong, didn't I?! Abang did actually and I was more than happy to get the perkedel on my hand! Yes, ga perlu bikin dari scratch!! Hore!!!! Iya saya ini tipe ibu - ibu yang memakai landasan kalo ada yang ringkes dan praktis, kenapa harus repot?! Termasuk urusan perkedel. Jadi ya begitulah, si Shengsiong jual frozen begedil dan saya itu salah satu pembeli setia. Oh apalah arti hidup ini tanpa perkedel?! Hampa!!! 

Masih seputar makanan, pas si papa mami ke sini, saya pun berhasil menerbangkan si cumi cabe ijo-nya Dapur Nola! OHEMJI! Udah naksir sejak Nola upload di instagram dan akhirnya kesampean nyobain. Kalo pake bahasa online shop, bakal repeat order nih, sis! Aku sukaaaaaaaa!!!! 

Cerita Bakmi GM juga ga kalah seru! Jadi bapake lupa kalo anaknya nitip dan apa daya udah di ruang boarding. Jadilah beliau minta tolong cleaner di bandara untuk beliin ke luar! Mantap bapakku! Nuwun sewu!!! Dan tentunya ucapan salam hangat untuk sop kambing, rendang, kikil, ayam pop, dan bandeng presto! Welcome welcome HOHOHO ..

I have nothing to say but grateful for everything that I've been trough, and that including the downs .. because from there I learn to stand up and stand tall! Am I being too positive? Too naive?! Nah! I'm just living my life .. and hoping that I live it to the fullest! 

And btw congratulations Maureen from the Philippines for winning Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5! Thanks to dear husband for asking me earnestly to sit and accompany him watching this program. Should I join for the next season? Not as a contestant obviously, ... bagian angkut - angkut! Logistic department! HAHAHAHA :)

Oh! Belated Eid Mubarak to all my Moslem friend! Hope you really had a blast with your loved ones celebrating this festive season. Again, I always love to see all the families that having those colour coordination during the Hari Raya here in Singapore. 

With this greetings, I shall end this post! Been having this one particular subject in my draft and going to work on it soon and can't wait to share with all you! To be honest, lots of things that I want to share! 

Aku ga nyangka loh, jadi homemaker bisa sibuk begini! Cih! Singkat cerita anggep aja aku ini macam selebriti ibukota yang lagi banjir job off air! Tsah!!*ditoyor berjamaah* HOHOHO

Anyway, weekend is coming! Enjoy it, people!


  1. Lah aku kirain Cc yang nonton ASNTM 5 hahaha ternyata si abang?!
    Jagoanku kalah! Si Tu! Gpp lah masih top 3 jugak

    1. iya aku juga ngejagoin tu ;) hahaha yang nonton si ko rai ;) aku ngikut dia ;) hohoho


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