Artsy Bitsy Day

We are back to one of #MAMAYUKERO's favorit places in Singapore, The National Gallery!! It was our 8th visit to this place and I can foresee there will be the 9th, 10th, and so on HOHOHO ... This time was even more special coz Daddy came along with us! Yeah yeah yeah!

If taking me on the cable car has been in his wish list, then mine is taking him to National Gallery since Gide and me usually go during weekdays with the other buibuk for a playdate and going on weekends is not an option. So when he finally had his day off, first thing that came in mind was asking him to go here with us since we wanted to check the new face of Keppel Centre for Art Education after the renovation

Time to explore and have fun!

Art Corridor
The easiest way to go here is by taking cab! Aha!! Or else you can follow our route by taking MRT and alight at City Hall station. After which you take Exit B and make your way up to find St Andrew's Cathedral on your left side. Just follow the path and make a left turn at the corner and you'll see National Gallery building infront of you after crossing the traffic light. It's not difficult to find this pretty building after all

Keppel Centre for Art Eduation is located on the Level 1 at the City Hall Wing and it divided into 5 different areas that you can explore; Art Corridor, Art Playscape, Project Gallery, Children's Museum, and Children's Museum Workshop

Art Corridor is the first thing you're going to see and you can start exploring and having fun fight from there! Yup! Gide was straight away busy playing and moving with those prisms here and there ..

"Yuk de, kita pindah ke tempat yang laen lagi"
"Ga mau, mami!"
"Tuh tuh follow daddy! Daddy kemana yaaaa?"
"Ha?! Daddy .. daddy"

I'm pretty amazed with his attention span whereby he can engage to one activity for quite sometimes, ... cuma ya gitu suka ga mau udahan jadinya! Haiya!

Art Playscape
The only remain installation at this Keppel Centre is the Play Artscape where you can enjoy a magical journey to Sandra Lee's Enchanted Tree House .. And yes another mommy's favorite place ever! It's like you're being transported to a magical forest .. Me likey likey!!

I was looking at the old post and the first time we came to this place was last year and Gide was only around 17 months! Now he's 25 months already! Wow!! Seeing how difference he was back then compared to now make me smile ear to ear! Anak bujang ibu udah tambah gede! Ya iya lah kan tiap hari mami yang kasih makan juga yak HAHAHA .. Btw, you can read our first visit here :)

Project Gallery
The highlight of this trip was Project Gallery! Daddy's favorite place!!! The title of this installation is The Blue Who Swims All This Way by Betty Susiarjo. Looking from her name and picture, it seems orang endonesa ya! Sok tau abis!! If in the Art Playscape we're being transported to a magical forest, here in Project Gallery, I got the feeling of magical undersea journey ..

It was so pretty yet quirky! So magical! Those bright colours, big soft sculpture! Just nice! Too nice!! Oh well, that's the beauty of art. You don't have to really understand it, you gotta enjoy it! Another favorite art installation ..

I think Gide agree with us too since this little fells busy running here and there exploring the place, enjoying himself sitting and laying down on those corals though he tripped and hurt his lower lip earlier! Cried a while then ... ran again! Toddler oh toddler!

We also managed to visit the Children's Museum and did some activities at Children's Museum Workshop .. I think it's more fun for the older kids as you need some skills to execute the activity but we also had fun .. in our way! 

Both of me and Abang definitely not art person but we try to appreciate art as much as we can and we do want Gide to experience and to be exposed to different kind of things rather than food HAHAHA ... Abis kerjanya minta kuikuit (biscuits) mulu sih! Pusing mami!!

The rest of the day, we explored the other part of the gallery and of course not too forget Children's Biennale too! Saya sendiri belom kelar muterin semua loh ruangan dan lukisan yang ada di sini. Did I mention earlier that lots of Indonesian's artist art piece are presented here. They even have puppet shadow show! Iya wayang gitu! Gide sempet nonton anteng bener! Gemes!! 

Fyi too, by our 7th visit here, I still haven't visit the special exhibtion of Yayoi Kusuma! To be exact mungkin ga akan karena udah puas liat dari instagram orang - orang terus kayak ga mau bayar juga! Cheapo abis ya, kakak!!! HAHAHA

Last but not least, Gide's favorite room, The Obliteration Room!!! Sticker room!! It was our 4th visit and anaknya masih belom bosen donk! Mami udah pinter, ini ruangan terakhir yang kita datengin karena tau pasti anaknya ga mau udahan kalo udah masuk sini *sigh*

On the other note, it's amazing to see the transformation of the room .. From one empty white room and now super duper trooper full colourful dotsy room! Mission accomplished! Emang itu tujuannya bikin ruangan ini penuh sticker bulet - bulet, cuma ya itu udah penuh pol jadi agak kleyengan liatnya .. Gide seems don't bother to see all those dots! Good for you son, mami nyerah! Btw, you can see the difference here, from our first visit to this sticker room :) 

Btw, I saw Paola Tambunan there but was too shy to take picture or even say hello. I follow her on instagram and she's so pretty in real person even without the makeup! Aku macam starstruck! Shy shy lah! HOHOHO .. 

Anyway, always a pleasure to visit this place and looking forward to more national gallery date with this little man, especially before he goes to school! Thank you daddy for accompanying us that day!! Family that goes to museum together, stays together! Ahey!!! :) 


  1. Gill beneran ini baru visit ke 8? Kirain uda berpuluh2 kali, abis liat insta lo di museum melulu wkwkwkwkw. Menarik banget yaaa emangg.. next time kalo ke sing mau ajak axel kesana ah.. moga2 masih ada hehe. Trus td gw jg liat postingan lama lo yg sticker room, iya beda banget ya bok! Bisa siwer kayanya kalo kelamaan disitu hahahaha

    1. HAHAHAHA beneran koq ibu! aku ga boong! HAHAHA ... ini gede banget loh, muterinnya aja ga kelar sehari kalo bawa toddler hahaha ... ini si yayoi special exhibition sampe september, kalo children's bienalle kayaknya sampe october deh kalo ga salah :)

  2. Kayaknya ni tempat lagi kekinian ya disana.. haha

    1. iya gara - gara si yayoi itu, py :) sampe september nih py .. yuk ayok ke sini hehehe :)


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