The Day We Find Love

"Do you love me?"
"Yes, mami"
"I love you, Gide!"
"Awu (i love you), mami"

Those are my favorite conversation these days, ... and might be forever!! Yes! It's a template and rehearsed Q and A but who cares?! Anaknya baru juga umur dua, brader! HAHAHA ... Been asking him the same questions over and over again just to hear his little voice saying that he loves me! I'm sold! Totally sold!! Meleleh seada - adanya!! Mami padamu banget, Nak!!

Honestly speaking, I don't think he truly understand the concept of love in this age and I doubt he knows the meaning of it either when he say he loves me, but I do hope that he can feel it from the way we look at him, the way we hug him, and tell him that we're more than grateful to have him. Just like daddy said, "He's a game changer!" Yes, he is! 

Love is so big yet so small, it's complex yet so simple. To love is one of the hardest things to do in this live in my humble opinion. You need to add commitment, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, and so many other things to really make that word works perfectly! With this fallen world we're living in, it's kinda impossible to have the perfect one. It has been corrupted here and there, even a love of a mother. Sad but true. 

But here we are!

For a reason!

To spread more love in this world full of hate

To make this world a better place

Phew! Tough job! 

Trying to be superhero here, Madame?! Not at all! I don't have either superpower or my costume, .. All  I have is this little hope, this little faith, and yes this little love! I hope you do have the same thing with me so that we can accumulate and spread it. Together! Yes, you and me!

The old me won't be bother so much about making this world a better place. Yes, I do want this world become a better place but not as much as when I'm a mom. Love is the reason behind it. And love is going to be the fuel for me as well to keep on believing that the hope is there. As a mom, I just want my kids to grow up safely, without worrying about nonsense things that happening because some ambitious or jealousy of some people. It's really sad and tiring when we wake every morning and reading all those headlines news and articles stating about the decreasing of the world. I just really can't get it why people have to be so mean and selfish instead of being kind and loving ..

Where is the love?

Again, I hope each and everyone of us find the love! You know what, the love is already there. It's just some people purposely close their eyes and heart to it. If only they know how the sweetness of love. The real love!

A love that embraces you in your darkest moment. A love that keeps on trying to reach for you even you feel don't deserve it. A love that sees you for who you are because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. A love that stays constant trough every season of your life

I'm talking that kind of love

I'm holding to that love to learn to love. I'm taping to that love to share the love. Not easy, difficult yes but I'm clinging to that love to sustain me. Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and even forever ...

Let love find you and overwhelmed you ... As it has found me

"we love because He first loved us"


  1. Patung tulisan love ini ada dimana mana ya... :)

  2. Gill, kok aku berkaca-kaca ya baca tulisanmu ini :'))) Soalnya belakangan Aura juga mendadak so sweet banget sama aku, jadi aku sering meleleh <3

    Thanks for sharing ya Gill x

  3. Anyway, ini di National Museum atau dimana sih Gill? Pengen ke Singapore tapi baru wacana aja nih hehe

    1. My pleasure, Ndra! :) Emang jagoan banget ya bikin maminya meleleh anak - anak ini :)

      Ini di jalanan, Ndra .. di daerah somerset situ, emang agak ngumpet ga keliatan .. dulu mejeng didepan eh terus ilang, aku pikir uda ga gada taunya dipindain ..

      Kasih tau yaaa kalo jadi ke sini ntar maen - maen :)


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