About Doing Good

Just like any other days, we took the bus to go home and it was full as we predicted. We folded the stroller, carried Gide, and boarded into the bus. We just moved in and tried our best to make ourselves comfortable along the way since all the seats were occupied, included those priority seats. In the mean while Abang was carrying our toddler using one hand holding to the hand rail using the others. Me? I was in charge of the stroller and trying my best to be grounded along the highway ;)

No chance of anyone giving up their seat? Umh, I didn't see it coming ...
If you ask me whether I felt upset or angry on that day, to be honest it's been a long time ago since me and Abang learnt to manage our expectation on this matter. Udah legowo, udah ga ngarep. We'll be thankful if someone is willing to give up their seat but if there isn't that's okay. Dikasih ya sukur ga dikasih ya udah, just live with it! Yup, that tough! *ini dengan nada riang gembira ya ngomognya* Yang masih belom bisa legowo kalo ada orang yang nyerobot, ga akan pernah bisa kayaknya .. Ya kali sama bayi aja masih ga mau kalah! Shame on you!! *nah, yang ini nadanya naek dua oktaf*

Back to our journey that night, there was this young girl who were keep looking at us as she was willing to give up her seat. Didn't mean to play sok tau but I exactly know by heart the gestures and the look if somebody is about to give up their seat. We were standing next to her and I can sense the doubt in her whether she should give up her seat or just continued to play with her phone. At the end of the day, she chose the second option.

"Gill, never ever hesitate to do good things! Do not withhold good for those who need it while you can. And never get tired of doing it!" Those sentences were echoing loud and clear in my heart all of sudden and I exactly knew it was the Holy Spirit 

Saya ga nyalain mereka yang ga kasih tempat duduknya ke kita. Ya mungkin mereka cape banget, mungkin mereka ga liat, mungkin mereka kesel sama kita kayak udah tau bawa anak kecil kenapa ga naek taxi aja, or the worst scenario they just being ignorance, or anything else. I don't want to make any speculation out of it. Yang akan saya salahin dan sesalin adalah diri saya sendiri kalo di saat saya bisa ngelakuin sesuatu hal yang baik tapi saya memilih untuk cuek aja, no matter in what aspects. Have you ever feel guilty because of that? Saya pernah dan rasanya ga enak banget. Saya tau saat saya ngeasa ga enak artinya hati nurani saya masih bekerja dengan baik ..

Along the way home that night, I really had this strong conviction about those three words, about doing good!

Terdengar sangat idealis dan naif yak! But isn't it the right thing to do? We are created to spread the love and make this world a better place, to be the extension of God's love. It has to start from us! From me!! I promise myself not to have a doubt while I get a change to do something good and the second thing, never expect anything while doing the good things cause its what we really supposed to do. End of discussion!

So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit. Right now, therefore, every time we get the chance, let us work for the benefit of all, starting with the people closest to us in the community of faith - Galatians 6:9-10 MSG

PS: Half of the journey that night, there was this man who was kind enough to give up his seat so Abang can sit safely with Gide till we reached home. Thanks to you! So yeah people, let's always throw kindness life confetti! ;)


  1. yah emang kalo berbuat baik ya emang kita harus melakukan sendiri. tulus. gak bisa ngarepin orang lain berbuat yang sama ya gil...

    1. setuju sama bapak arman!!! susah susah gampang yaaaa ini ...


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