Bali Safari & Marina Park with Loved Ones


Apparently we were there at the same day as Ibu Iriana was there! Ga sempet selfie sih cuma bareng aja pas nonton Bali Agung show. Nobar gitu deh! HAHAHA .. Padahal mah si Ibu duduk dimana kita dimana. Kalo pake pepatah, jauh di mata dekat di hati! Azek! Saya sempet teriak donk, "Ibu Irianaaaaaa!" *ehem* 

The down side, the show became out of schedule! Molor! Boo!! Almost one hour! Unacceptable!! Lots of people including us had been queuing early and not to forget under the sun, to watch this show. We purposely paid extra money for the ticket to see this must-watch show and we had to wait that long because of one person, ... to be exact satu rombongan. I'm aware that one person we're talking is our first lady but is should be done and planned better from both side, the management and presidency staff. To make it worse, not even a single sorry or anything was announced due to this delay. Cannot be like that lah, people!

Ga sedikit loh yang protes dan akhirnya ada yang meninggalkan tempat pertunjukan. Yang kasian mbak - mbak yang bertugas jadi usher hari itu. Abis kena semprot tamu - tamu yang ada! Puk puk mbak - mbaknya! Honestly, I didn't blame Ibu Iriana as I knew that she was only following the protocol, but again I totally disappointed by the management of Bali Safari and Marina Park and the presidency staff. Profesionalitas harus tetep jalan!

Saat itu macam serba salah! Udah bayar lebihan, ngantri dan duduk lama ya koq masa ga jadi nonton, dibatalin juga ga bisa minta balik uangnya, tapi ini koq nungguin segitu lama sementara kita mau ngejar waktu buat hal - hal yang laennya kayak nonton show dan ikut safari trip-nya. Haish!!! At the end, we only watched half of the show and decided to go out earlier. Can you imagine if we have to wait till the end, yang ada pasti ibu negara harus kuar duluan donk baru kita bisa kuar ... #MAMAYUKERO bisa ngamuk!!! Awas mami galak!

Anyway, let's move on to the fun part! Shall we?!

It was my parent's idea to have this short getaway to Bali and so there were we two weeks ago. The last time I went to Bali was three or four years ago celebrating Abang's birthday and Gide wasn't even exist yet so I was kinda looking forward about this trip. Looking forward to see what's happening in Bali right now, looking forward to spend more time with my family, looking forward to pigging out together! HAHAHA ...

And as you can see from the title, we chose Bali Safari and Marine Park ... walopun Marine Park-nya belom jadi! HOHOHO ... It took around 45 minutes from our villa at Canggu area to this place and the weather was sunny on that day so it was a good day to see all the animals. Yeay!! We paid IDR 275.000/pax and it was free of charge for children below 3 years old! Hooray! The price is applicable for domestic tourist only and is already included of 1x safari journey trip, Bali Agung show, the animal shows, water park, and one ride at fun zone. And yes, you need to spend the whole day there to enjoy all of it ... 

Considering the price, size of the place, shows, and facilities we chose Bali Safari and Marine Park over Bali Zoo ... and glad with that decision! Harga tiket udah termasuk bisa foto sama binatang yang ada juga, kecuali mau kasih makan ya itu ada tambahan biaya, .. sisanya all inclusive. Thank you google!!! Karena ibu - ibu mau yang harga minimalis ekonomis dengan pencapaian yang maskimal! Bukan pelit koq, ini namanya ibu bijak! Shedap shay!

We started our day by watching Harimau Show, continued with Elephant Show. The show itself was done professionally using both languages, English and Bahasa. For a moment, I didn't feel like it was in Indonesia since they were executing it very well. Bravo team!!! Another plus point, the historical and cultural element were so strong in every show we watched. Gide was a bit overwhelmed but he managed to sit well and enjoyed the show. Good job, Gide! 

We had our lunch at Uma Restaurant that day. Basically it's like a big food court that served lots of variety of food from Asian to Western. You need to exchange your money for e-money in a card to buy the food. Price wise, portion wise, and taste wise was surprisingly acceptable for a touristy place. We tried from tongseng to nasi capcay, nasi bali, soto ayam, iga goreng, till pasta HAHAHA .. Ya kan yang makan serombongan! 

Another highlights during our visit was the safari trip. It reminded me of our Africa trip, but this one was the mini version with covered tram while back then the game reserve was huge and we were sitting in an open jeep with our guide and co guide who was holding real gun in their hand HOHOHO ... Yang paling heboh siapa, Gide!! Sibuk dia liat kanan kiri depan belakang ngeliatin banyak binatang yang selama ini biasanya liatnya cuma di buku atau televisi aja. Seru lah!! 

The rest of the day we spent by exploring the park, looking at all the animals, taking pictures, enjoying each other company, and creating good memories! Didn't manage to go to the petting are and fun zone but it was okay. Mami udah ngerentek juga! HAHAHA ... If you ask me whether it's recommended, I would say yes. Did I tell you that they have ram for stroller and wheel chair? Bahagia liatnya!! HAHAHA ...


  1. Sooo... as expected nggak ci? Hahahaha

    Jadi memang Bali Safari lebih seru, ya! Nggak sabar nunggu Josh gedean, nih, mau aku bawa ke sana juga. Soalnya anaknya suka banget sama binatang.

    Foto-fotonya seru, yang penting bocah hepi ya, hihi

    1. as expected jane! iya josh gedean lebih seru bawa ke sana, lebih ngerti ini itu .. si Gide udah lumayan ngerti dibawa kesini .. jd enak bisa nyambung hahaha ...


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