The Nananas' Toddler Packing List

I have no idea how many times I said this before but I'm married to someone whose dream is to travel around the world. "Kamu tau lah, Gee dari awal kita pacaran aku udah bilang ke kamu, I won't fancy you with those expensive bags or shoes but I'll bring you around the world .. And now with Gide as well" And I'm one grateful wife! Walopun masih usaha kadang minta dibeliin tas dan biasanya ga pernah berhasil. Ya namanya juga usaha kan HOHOHO ...

We went to Bangkok earlier this as our premiere family trip and it was a success. Yeay! Moving on, we are going to have another short trip next week followed by our big trip in October. Plus some balik kampong trips! Can't hardly wait! Oh no! Mendadak keinget sate padang! SOS!! 

As you know, bring a toddler along is one thing but the amount of stuff that need to be brought is another thing! Double the hassles yet double the fun!! With this post, I would like to share The Nanana's toddler packing list :)


  • Passport & its copy - We have this habit to have 2 set of copies of every documents that we need, from passport to visa to itinerary and put it in separate folder and luggage.
  • Child's Health Booklet - Yes! We always bring his health booklet wherever we go simply for precaution because all of his health information is there, from allergies to vaccines history. Every child who is born in Singapore has their own health booklet to record all their growth history for the first 6 years and I think it applies also in most of the world including Indonesia.
  • Copy of Birth Cert - This is his IC for time being and we usually have his copy of his birth cert attached in his health booklet  

  • Thermometer - We use Harmed Multi Function Thermometer that can be used for both ear and forehead. It's light, handy, easy to use and it's been Gide's one and only thermometer that bought from Mangga Dua and yes it serve us good! We usually bring extra battery for the thermometer
  • Cold, Cough and Flu Medication (Paracetamol, Children's Zyrtec Allergy Syrup, Woods Children's Cough Syrup) - Paracetamol and Woods are bought over the counter since Gide is already 2 years old. The Zyrtec was prescribed by the doctor last time and he gave us the big bottle instead the small one and asked me to keep the balance as a precaution
  • Vicks Baby Balsam - To keep him warm
  • Sebamed Care Cream - It can be used as moisturizer and diaper rash cream. In love with this care cream and I think it's one good investment for baby. Or else, you can use aloevera gel as well. I usually bring it too
  • Egoderm Ointment - My number one help when Gide got insect bites


  • Diaper bag - We chose to bring our Kipling City Pack Diaper Bag for traveling. The reason being because it's spacious and light. As Gide getting older, the lesser stuff that he need to bring in his diaper bag. Usually I just keep all his stuff in this one wet bag, like one set of clothes and socks, extra diapers, plastics for storing soiled diapers or clothes, some toiletries, and we all set to go. Terus tas Kipling kan lumayan spacious buat apa donk?! Buat taro belanjaan! Aha! HAHAHA
  • Stroller - Pockit, pockit, pockit! Gide is already used to this stroller and he can even sleep in it. Btw, our pockit is the old version that can't be reclined. The other thing with pockit is the shade cover, so I usually bring my nursing cover and turn it into sun shade! Voila!!
We no longer bring our Ergo Carrier along with us since Gide is already in walking, errr I mean running stage. The option we give for him is gandeng or duduk stroller. He choose gandeng most of the time and yes gendong also but usually it only last for 5 minutes! Berat bok! 15 kg!!! Encok bro!!


  • 2 in 1 Soap and Shampoo
  • Body lotion
  • Hair lotion
  • Minyak telon
  • Baby cologne
  • Tooth brush and Tooth paste
All in traveling size! I don't have any specific preference brand for toiletries but mostly we use either Johnson & Johnson or Switzal, or anything else that we have at home. You know all the goodies from his newborn are still there and the good thing they all come in traveling size. Dengan kata laen, gratisan! HAHAHA

It depends on the destination and duration. Instead of bringing this amount of tops or this amount of pants, I already mix match it becoming one set for each day so I won't waste time later. Like day 1 this set, day 2 this set! That includes socks and shoes too! And I pack accordingly. Iya, kesannya ribet tapi percayalah ini akan sangat menolong dalam menghemat waktu. 

Other clothing essentials depending on the destination will be sleep wear, bathing suit, outerwear like jacket, and hat. Oh! Sunnies! Gaya yak! HAHAHA :)

THE THIS and THAT (that also important)
  • Diapers - And we're back to Pampers after trying Drypers for a while because it caused diaper rash. Pospak ini sebenernya PR banget ya karena bulky tapi karena Gide belom toilet train mau ga mau harus bawa kecuali kita balik indo. Belinya di indo saja! HOHOHO
  • Water bottle - We use SkipHop water bottle
  • Cotton buds
  • Nail Clipper
  • Mosquito patch/repellent
  • Sunblock
  • Tissue and Wet wipes
  • Liquid detergent
  • Hand sanitizer - I usually bring the one that I can hang outside my bag to make it accessible 
  • Toys - Usually we bring some of his toys and put it in zip lock bag to keep him entertain along the way. I plan to bring his tulis  - tulis, you know the small whiteboard that can be erased in split second and some of his cars
  • Snacks & UHT Milk - Penting amat sangat karena anak saya laperan! HAHAHA Based on our daily experiences and previous traveling experience, having some snacks in your bag is a must!! Try to bring something not chocolaty as it will create a mess here and there. Some biscuits will good! As for milk, Gide is no longer drinking milk but it's good to pack some small UHT milk in your bag and luggage in case your toddler is hungry and cranky. Milk can save your day! HAHAHA 
Yup! I think that's all! Dibilang banyak ya engga juga, tapi dibilang engga juga koq kayak banyak juga ya! I try my really best just to bring what are really important and essentials since it will be only three of us. Ga mau ujungnya jadi kerepotan bawa barang. Our agreement is when mommy is looking for Gide, daddy take care of the belongings and vice versa. 

By the way, we're still in the middle discussion should we bring as our normal travel routine which are 1 medium sized luggage and 1 cabin sized luggage or just bring 1 large sized luggage for our October trip since now we have a stroller as an add on and there will be some moving here and there as well. Ya mari kita pikirkan nanti lagi ya! Oh iya, kalo postingan bawaan emaknya bisa liat di sini, yang mana ke depannya kayaknya bakal lebih sedikit HAHAHA :)

Bagaimana dengan bawaan bukibuk dan pakbapaknya kalo traveling bawa anak? Share juga donk! Ada tips - tips apa ga? Masih level beginner nih kita ;)


  1. Bawa buku mewarnai, sama pensil warna (yang kecil aja), atau bawa stiker.. dah aman tentram.. bisa asik sendiri.. :)

    1. okay okay noted! kayaknya aku bawain sticker aja deh! anaknya ga into mewarnai nih hahaha .. apa anak cowo ya?

    2. sticker itu senjata (andalan) pas anak cranky/bosen banget... lafff banget hehe

  2. gua pernah bawain buku mewarnai beserta pensil warnanya, yang ada malah pensilnya dilempar2 ke bawah, gua cape mungutinnya... mending bawa mobil2an dia aja deh segambreng, tapi anteng hahahaha... paling sama buku cerita, biar ritual baca buku sebelum tidurnya ga hilang...

    1. itu juga sempet kepikiran kalo bawa pensil warna hahaha .. book is always a good idea ;)

  3. First, kok ini layout blog-nya lucuuuuu, sih!

    Eh, aku juga kepikiran bikin postingan ala-ala gini, nih. Tapi mengingat level traveling kita masih cupu, di-pending dulu, deh! Hahaha. Tipikal aku dan suami lebih ke light packing, sih, bahkan setelah ada Josh. Kayak beberapa kali ke Bali ini aku cuma modal satu ransel (Josh's stuffs and mine), papanya bawa 1 ransel sama 1 koper. Cus, berangkat!

    Dan setuju banget, inti dari traveling bareng anak (apalagi masih baby or toddler!), jangan sampai kerempongan gara-gara barang. Ngurus bocahnya aja udah challenging! :D

    1. hahaha dari si blogspotnya hehehe ... curang ke bali kan kayak pulang ke rumah ya jd bawaannya pasti sedikit hahahaha ...

  4. Bring one big luggage! Gw selama ini jauh dekat, traveling cm bawa 1 luggage, haha
    Kalo toys, wkt seumur gide gw bawain busy books and playdoh
    Jd penasaran mo kmana sih oktober? Haha

    1. nanti diskusikan dengan bapake! playdoh? loe yakin dit? gw koq ngebayangin bakal berceceran aja udah males hahaha ... pegi yang deket2 koq yg loe udah pegi juga hahahaha :)

  5. Jadi pengen liburan dehhh.. Ikutt dongg..


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