The Wrinkled White Shirt

As a stay home mom, weekends usually will be the days where I can have my dress up session and style my hair nicely .. Ya iyalah, ribet juga ya kalo hari biasa musti eye liner-an kalo mau beli sayur sama telor. Meleleh duluan yang ada HAHAHA .. So by that, I cherish weekends more! Iya aku bias nih! *wink*  ... And you know it's going to be a rushing Sunday morning when you were ignoring the alarm that supposed to wake you up. Oh yeah, 10 minutes made a big difference in a mom's life! Bisa kacau dunia persilatan, kakaknya .. and that's exactly what happened! 

I was awake and somehow ended up in sofa 'till Abang woke me up and reminded me that we had to go earlier on that day due some matters. Ngibrit mode on! So here the deal, I showered while Abang gave breakfast to Gide, then I had another extra minutes to put on my make up while Abang was showering Gide. Then it's my turn to dress this lil dude up while Abang took his turn to shower and get ready. Then I just have to squeeze everything from changing my clothes, get my hair done, put on whatever accessories I want to use on that day, put on the shoes and be ready whenever my hubby is ready. Yup! That's the deal!! 

I couldn't have my own sweet time to do all those stuff since we have our time keeper; the bus timing app! You know there's an app where you can predict how long is the next bus ... so yeah every seconds count since you don't want to miss your bus. Ga nunggu bis yang selanjutnya aja Gill? Cannot brother!! Karena kita bakalan telat dan semua jadi berantakan nantinya ..

And we did it!! Behasil, berhasil, berhasil!! We literally high five-ing each other on that day! HAHAHA .. Macam berhasil menang amazing race! Good job, Rai! Again, grateful for Gide who was very cooperative that day .. Kiss kiss Gide!

Those rushing Sunday morning created crazy messy hair and wrinkle on my shirt! HOHOHO ...

Decided to go easy that day by wearing oversized white shirt and jeans, which never go wrong by the way! And to spice it up a little bit, I gave it a touch of earthy colour reflected on accessories! Udah buru - buru aja tetep ribet ya, mak! Ya maklum lah ya namanya juga jarang - jarang kece jadi harus dimaksimalkan ... Ini aja dengan versi rambut setengah demek gara - gara belom kering semua. What to do lor?! HOHOHO ... Despite all the hiccups earlier, I reward myself by having #OOTD session! Cih, emang dasar centil aja HAHAHA ..

The wrinkled white shirt can look so ugly and unglam and of obviously not your typical #OOTD material but who cares. The wrinkled white shirt reminds me that there is this little guy who stretches his arm and ask me to carry him. The wrinkled shirt reminds me that there is this big guy who is willing to push the stroller so I can have more time to put on my earrings. The wrinkled white shirt reminds me that I'm deeply loved! And blessed!! Cheers to the wrinkled white shirt :)


  1. Sama banget deh, jatah buat centil-centilan cuma di hari Minggu, nih *toss*

    Btw, yang penting muka nggak lecek ci, tetep hepi yak. Cheers for blessed life!

    1. iya sabtu minggu jatah alat makeup bener - bener didayagunakan hahahaha ... iya kalo muka lecek repot yaaa hahaha ... cheers jane!

  2. Oh, jadi alasan wrinkled white shirt-nya gara2 abis gendong Gide yah?
    Berarti alasanmu sungguh mulia Gil :)

    Kalo aku yang kayak gitu sudah dipastikan alesannya pasti males nyetrika muehehehe.

    Tapi dikau tetep kece biar kata kemejanya kusut gituh Giiiil :)

    1. hahaha .. kalo yang belom digosok biasanya dipakenya kayak 7 taon kemudian, teh ... ini kebetulan udah disetrika .. abis itu balik lagi pake kaos hahaha


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